YR1049 Post Big Boring Brother Interview with Ragan Fox! (BB12)

Ragan Fox returns to the YEAST to talk about his recent brainwarshing by CBS in cahoots with the  Chinese Government.


10 thoughts on “YR1049 Post Big Boring Brother Interview with Ragan Fox! (BB12)”

  1. Well, the monocle fell out of my eye, and I clutched my pearls so hard the strand snapped, and they scattered all over the onyx tiles in my parlour room, and I fainted shortly thereafter and only came to after being served the vapours of smelling salts three times by three separate chambermaids, and yet I FUCKING LOVED IT.

  2. This is *by far* the best Ragan-post-Big-Brother-interview out there by virtue of Madge asking *interesting* question instead of the ├╝ber-detailed geeky super-fandom-questions from shows the likes of BBAD or EW. Cheers, thanks a lot, it’s great!

  3. Finally a decent ‘grum. Took you long enough bitch.

    Can’t believe the way an otherwise massively intelligent individual like Ragan Fox has drunk the Kool-Aides on this show.

    Yes, it is a fascinating game.

    Yes, it could be an interesting sociological experiment, IN THE HANDS OF SCIENTISTS, NOT LES MOOVES!

  4. I’m not a fan of Ragan but this type of Grum is what brought me to Yeast a few years ago. So nice to hear something other than dooty this time

  5. Madge- This show was sooo good I almost and curious to listen to a “Fox in the City” – I wont cuz I really dont like Regan much – allthough I DO like that he “laid” forth a case for not all gay men being sex crazed trolls.

    I have never been able to sit through more than 5 min of “big Brother” so, I think it is a testiment to your exellant interviewing skills that I was very interested in both your guest and the topic for as long as the show lasted.

    I havent been around much for awhile – but this was a great show!

  6. I like this interview alot !!! IMO Madge should have busted Regans ballz about odviously being Consumed by the BB TV grum….But Its undertandable and respected that Madge let Regan vent and talk bout the BB grum which is an incredible experience 2 have been in ! I think Madge should have called out Regans obsession a bit more, but Understand why Madge held back cause it is a great experience 4 Regan.

  7. What I found particularly interesting about this one, in retrospect, is that Ragan mentioned quite early into the show that he feels more confortable about the word gay or the F-word. It reminded me of when Whoopi and Sherri Whatsherface discussed insisted on that only black people were allowed to use the N-word on The View, which, ultimately, goes down to that phonecall that that Dr. Laura-person got fired for.
    Since Wanda only recently got called out by the (IMHO overreacting) word police for using the word tranny rather loosely, I would like to suggest this topic for discussion on Eat This Hot Show, or at least for a future Yeast Radio-appearance by the Ragan Fox, since he is quite learned and some sort of an opinion leader himself.

  8. i have to say, in retrospect, the best thing about the whole big brother thing was looking at brendon’s masturbation pictures on the interwebs. i guess now i can see why this relationship lasted as long as it did…

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