10 thoughts on “YR1048 HURRRRRRRRR”

  1. One of the messiest grums from a technical standpoink ever. lawlz. At one point even RYLCH had to turn this mess off. oy. Madge, get ur setup under CUNTroll. halllrighk.

    the ALBUM ARK, howevveee, is SO AMAZING.

  2. CycleCycleCycleCycleCycleCycleCycleCycleCycleCycleCycleCycle.
    Technologically so Amazing for a lezbo on the move I thought.
    If anything- not enough LOUD feedback noises. Those should be cycled too. So confusing! love it. Nice rap Cheroil- good GRRRLl.

  3. Jaime, I also enjoyed dooty. I believe that you are an earthly MOUTHpiece channeling these beautiful stories direct from Mother Asthma herself. You are beautiful. Thank you sweetheart x1000

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