Yeast Radio 1037 Doing a Double Thing

with SYLVIA BROWNE for a CHANGE (and cheryl prolapse)

also SKirt Girdle


6 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1037 Doing a Double Thing”

  1. Best album art in a long time!!!

    Girdle, when is the long awaited album art book going to come out? You can have quotes in it, too- Best Of- quotes, quotes.


    15 minutes on the express train, an hour tops on regular train/subway or ‘underground’ as the on in London is called.

    It has been years since I took the regular subway combo. I had to transfer as I went to another part of town, otherwise it is a direct line ” Piccadilly’, there’s also a direct train to Paddington station, wich takes 25 minutes.
    Lists all three options, subway, train, and express train.

    “@Geordieswife but it’s an easy trip- by train? not like going from LGA to manhattan or that sort of thing?
    6:19 PM Aug 21st via Tweetie for Mac in reply to Geordieswife
    @tinyrooster is there a metro train that goes direct or is it some weird pain in the ass shit?
    6:05 PM Aug 21st via Tweetie for Mac in reply to tinyrooster
    how long does it take to get from London Heathrow to London the city using public transportation?
    5:56 PM Aug 21st via Tweetie for Mac “

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