5 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1036 A Fatty Reserves a Chez”

  1. I’d suggest putting you up if you come through the France on your vacation Madge but unfortunately I live in a glorified broom cupboard. Max Kaiser? Pee Wee’s big adventurd makes me want to steal his bike & hide it in the basement of the alamo. Nice bike that that that that that that. What’s wrong with your mouth Trotsky?

  2. whatever happened to hagatha? what i mean is, is the thing still alive?

    Also when i saw the word “Fatty” in the title my dick got hord cause i thought for a split second Fandy might be on the show.

    Also Trotsky should be highlighted as more than just a supporting character. there are times when i feel even his absence can carry the show. i remember once i saw a picture of him wearing a tie and i couldnt imagine such a precious thing existed!

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