8 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1030 Babs Babs why isn’t the Egg Man here? I’m starving to death for some eggs.”

  1. You can use your iron clit boner to pierce peoples’ ceilings to add light fixtures and make some monaids.

    Would a painting of you dressed as a Nazi pushing Cheryl into an oven be too much? I started sketching it after hearing spring time for Hitler.

  2. Why are you even considering buying an old in the teeth Canon HDV camcorder? The only reason I can think off is ergonomics. Picture quality is generally surpassed even by Consumer camcorders, who offer manual control, but in a menu instead of through direct button access.

    As the Canon HDV camcorders are now quite old, as Canon took till now to come up with any solid state prosumer camcorders.

    There’s a reason they used ones aren’t shifting at legacy prices.

    And you can get these (900 lines consumer camera’s) for $750-1250 new including warranty. Camera’s like the Panasonic TM700, the Canon HF-S21, or Sony CX550.

    Audio quality can be quite good, some even offering monitoring, through an headphone jack, and levelcontrol through a menu, but lacking balanced phantom powered xlr inputs.

    So what, get an XLR adapter for a couple of hundred bucks and you get all that on any camcorder.

    Or for the same money get a Zoom H4N recorder, and go the seperate audio recording route. The built-in stereo mic array is quite good, but it also offers a couple of phantom power providing XLR inputs to use with any ‘standard’ microphone.

    If money is tight you could even get the more basic H2 that auntie Vera got for $150 last year and just use the XLR input to record upto two channels (the 4 has four channel recording, plus a surround option).

    Sony has announced its first exchangable lenses consumer camcorder, for September availabilty if you crave that cinematic shallow depth of field look (60i recording only, hey we don’t want to hurt Cine Alta sales with a $2000 camcorder, now don’t we).

    Last year’s prosumer budget hit was the Panasonic HMC-40, as its $ MSRP was cut three times, even prior to launch the first cut was a whopping $800, so these things now sell for $1800 or less and offer full professional controls at a three small imagers price point it even has an optional XLR adapter that clicks in the handle, so you get a razor sharp, solid state, professional controls camcorder for $2K.

  3. Listen Douchie-
    THis is s STREAM OF CUNTJUICENESS! I am in no way considering the purchase of a new camera. I CAN BARELY PAY MY FUCKING MORTGAGE! Just let me babble. You really don’t need to waste your time pondering my equipment purchases which will never happen, though I appreciate the cuntcern and effart.

    However if you would like to buy me one of those things you recommend, I will graciously accept!

  4. Hey we’re dirt poor;-). And even if I was feeling frivolous, I still wouldn’t have a credit card to fullfill your wishlist: http://www.amazon.com/Zoom-Handy-Portable-Digital-Recorder/dp/B001QWBM62.

    Actually I was suggesting you didn’t throw away your money on any old camera. If you (or your friends ‘invest’ in stuff, buy stuff that you can keep using even if you get the opportunity to upgrade camera’s in the future, like LED (camera) light, or recorders like the zoom, or a nice lavalier.

    BTW, Broadcast Engineering keeps spamming me with ads that link to this, Canon finally has a solid state series, the XF series, pricing seems to target the Sony EX-3. http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/camcorders/professional_camcorders?WT.mc_id=C128925

    Aha ‘Douchie’, guess my non-country man (he only has permanent residency rights here, being an US citizen born in the US from an US father), has screwed up thing for all of us;-).

  5. Wow……certain people take these shows a little serious.

    AKA Let Madge make her own decisions.

    Am I the only one wait, hoping and praying for Yeast Radio ringtones?

  6. I was born in Dusseldorf & that is why they call my Rolf(with chipmunk autotune:)WEEEEUUUUiIIIIOOOEEEEWW! So many grums to catch up on. Very prolifics! I think Madge & Cherald should do the entire next Friday grum with the high pitched voice, hokeh alrraaaaaiiiiight. As for this one- knew it would be good as soon as you said you were recording in the morning. Excellent Feesh.

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