4 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1029 Solo Cooking Cleaning Babbling with Madge Weinstein”

  1. Most enjoyable grum, you may be accepted into the Hwhite Hladies of Hamerica yet!
    Wanda Shitstorm is visiting? Awesome! Hope the two of you HHHs find some time to make an instructional food making vidjo.

  2. that would be guud, but u know it wont happen NAIDs. They are both extremely lazy. EXTREMELY. They need a dried up PRUNE to push them to lapse and do such things. Or money. Money helps a lot. lawlz

  3. Ditch the vinegar cept’ 4 ur vag…which probaly needs oven cleaner rather than a douche IMO. Vinegar just cleans up water stains mostly . Id rectumend Amonia and water as a cheap effective wonder cleaner A+++ ! Shines most surfaces w/ no streaks ect. But DONT use amonia cause of Lil’ Trotsky …not good w/ pets. I Like the Cleaning grums.

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