YR1013 Feesh Guts

Several guests on this show including 1TURD WISDOM and CHURCH OF DEBRA and GRIZELDTURD and JAIMAIDS and GUS and MORE and the guy who gave us fiddy and took it back.


20 thoughts on “YR1013 Feesh Guts”

  1. I know he didn’t take yo fiddy back???? I heard s new name, Madge! Quandria!!! How’s that for a name for a turd?

  2. I loved hearing Wanda’s voice along ya’lls. It was reminiscent of Eat This Hot Show. And such a nice gesture leaving racisms on Wanda’s vm at work, so nice and thoughtful, N’aid Niggety Ann Ann.

  3. There is a rumor going around that you spent my $20 donation on a luxury makeover, consisting of a maple syrup enema, lyps vibration therapy and a deep anal massage.


  4. Loved the grum, nadines! A++++x10000 for the story about the week old trout in the ziploc (tm.) bag. I was lawling at my 9 to 5 day jerb. The “Wings Feesh Spaghettis” cycles were amazing as well. Debra was SO AMAZING. It could be interesting to hear a Cheryl/Debra duet…if Debra doesn’t go off the deep end again. Good job ladies.

  5. Re the Cheryl Merlowski and Madge Winestein ….Every time I was working on that bit I always typed your names in correctly…Im at a loss w/ that, it baffles me that the urban peepz cannot pronounce your names ???

  6. Madgius and Cherylon, another fantastic trainwreck of a grum. My hatred for either of you is surpassed only by my love for you combined.

    Don’t ever stop.

    All religions, bar none, agree about multiple Anthonys, poo & FEESH(& perhaps more loud chewing in the next grum to annoy Madge of course)

  8. Nize showgrum. Gud 2 ‘ere ya show stillz got pizzazzes!

    I bin listeneroonies 4 past 6/7 anos and still baaaad…but you still keep me interested good on ‘yaz.

    So do we take it that the used condi was FROM YOU or into YOU…how much to show the used tampooon?

    Keep ya proverbial pecker up cheralls anus horiblus


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