17 thoughts on “YR1012 Toys R Browne (brown)”

  1. Girdle Girdle Girdle Girdle. The Toys R US ghost, that was in ’72.
    Weeeooouuuuueeeeeww – saw the animated Cheryl in the live show archoive. Talented listenurds! Feesh x 1000.
    Noone seems to argue about angels thesedays.

  2. Thank You Madge for verbally lapsin on Da Rylch for not Getting PixN Vidz of Judge Cheryl w/ Bonnnet cuz of her shitty phone , as Mentioned in this Grum blah. Me and Madge be gettin them rowkay Rylch, Grow Some Uteruses and express yourself artistically Naids … SEriously , Would Luv 2 see Cheryls Capturds , Captions, and take on the Art. It is Art 2 me .

  3. More Tru Doot, plz!

    Also, thx for keepin’ us posted on Fandy. Pics and Vid if you happen to come across any!!!

    1. That’s the post office address. He sure did live in the middle of nowhere, though!

      Maybe she’ll be happier about herself nowadays and come back to ‘grum?!

      1. i am hapaids for shrock, thank christ he got out of teh middle of nowhere and into YF’s hands. He can actually take pictures of things other than teh poop hole in teh backyard and teh food he is making DADDY.

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