17 thoughts on “YR1009 Angels Angels Angels Angels Angels Angels”

  1. Sylvia Brown brought so much more to the table than Nick Star. Seriously. Would much rather listen to an hour of ANGELZ than listen to that mess expound her homeless sexual exploits.


    Also, happy birthday you bloated puffy jewdyke.

  2. Sylvia Browne browne brown montage. I imagine noone ever saw so many glass eyes on a screen at one time.Hope you had a good birthday with plenty of feesh this week Madge. Feesh.
    I’m gonna sit at the welcome table,sing about it,halleluja x 100 in a cycle & getting stuck for hours while lyups attached to ceiling fan fan fan fan fan.Hawkaaaaaaeeeh, alrraaaaaaiight Enjoyed the “Okaaaays” in that feather pen/melodic tards clyup. Feesh.

  3. oh, we’re being nice to nick starr and shrockbella now? I could call you an idiot and a hypocrite, but it’d be too easy.

  4. …that was a little mean but I actually really liked this show. nick starr and michael butler were both really good, as well as the cycling

  5. Nick Starr Inturdview was good, Madge asked good questions. Cherly was a mess at times, but it worked and NIck dealt with it. Nick Came out as cool after the interview Imo, I didnt really know who he was, but …had seem his name before tho. Overall good interview Madge.

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