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  1. 2004: Hi,

    While I am a frequent CTA rider, I am in favor of the government reducing funding to the CTA. Why, you ask? Because your drivers are extremely rude to their passengers and my constant complaints to 1-888-your-cta do nothing to fix the problems.

    I am assuming you will not even read your email as that is the CTA’s way. I am going to buy a car and drive to work because your service is so lousy. It’s not lousy because you dont’ have enough funding, rather it’s lousy because your bus drivers are often mean and rude and instead of operating in a schedule of an even frequency between busses, they sit around at the garage together, and convoy together.

    This is particularly evidenced in my bus route. I take the foster bus, #92 from Calfornia & Foster to the Berwyn Red Line stop. Then I take the 146 south to Bittersweet. Frequently, the drivers are insanely rude, particularly driver #41699 . Yesterday, I waited for half an hour for a 146 bus during rush hour at around 6:00PM. After waiting, three 146 busses arrived at the same time, the first one being driven by #41699 who was very rude, saying, “I ain’t a 146, DEAR!” This was what she said when a woman asked her where she was going. Her bus was labled 146.

    Anyway, you get the picture and are probably not reading this anyway. Well I’m sure that Sara Feigenholtz, Helen Schiller and someone from Mayor Daley’s office is reading this. Good luck finding a new job after the CTA loses its funding. That’s the CTA’s reward for keeping so many people out in the cold waiting for busses while rude overpaid drivers sit in warm garages discussing how much fun they had cussing out tired hardworking customers after a long day of sitting around eating at the garage.

    cc: Mayor Richard M. Daley
    State Rep. Sarah Feigenholtz
    Alderman Helen Schiller

  2. Seeing as how healthcare reform is beginning to happen in this cuntry, will we be honored with finally a release, or release date, for Madge’s European Vacation?

  3. Now I have oooooooonllly just listened to this ‘grum and I note that the http://meshcomplications.com/ site has amended their copy to remove the words “bits and pieces” for “the mesh.”

    Nice to see it’s an ongoing work of refinement on their behalf.

    Mesh out.

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