YR999 bRowNe br0Wn giRdLez 2x

specially coded grummmm just for Thermos SAmarticust. SHOW US THE MONEY, GRE-NAIDz
cheryl merkowski as per usual joins madge weinstein in this typically four hour grumm of grummmz.
I think there were some guests but they were on acid or something messy. Cheryl cuntinues to reiinforce her position as the chanteuse of the day. She scats out song after song about the relevant topics for theday and discusses her revolutionary costume with CHlyps. Girdle. Teeth. Sissy. Yeast. :Mikonos: CHALLA-yps


29 thoughts on “YR999 bRowNe br0Wn giRdLez 2x”

  1. PLZ to download the ustream vidyo ASAP before it is removed. I think it is worf posting a link in case people want to re-live teh LOIVE experience, esp with teh CLYTS that were showcased so beautifully. MMHM. WENSDAI.

    1. I don’t have one of my own, so if a bloated lesbine can hook me up, that’d be great!

      I will email you so that you can send me credentials!

  2. Madge. You are hilarious when you get angry and yell and Gerald. And seriously stop banning Hagatha. She is freaking hilarious and gross. JUST PUT HER ON DAMMIT.

    Oh and you are welcome. Go check your google ads.

  3. Also…. show #1000 should feature audio from that retard Cuntam Slurry and his obese tech guy/fag hag coming to the pothead realisation that Madge may not actually be a Jewish Lesbian. And of Fausto, and server Mark Felion. Onward and upward, wild wild west of Podcaysting. Hello FANDY!

  4. After tonight’s show.. I’m done making fun of shrockbella. It’s not creative or funny, and he actually is.

    I know it’s late and it doesn’t mean much, and it’s not gonna make you come back but I’m sorry. I actually think it’s kinda good that shrock doesn’t come on anymore cause all anyone does is abuse the guy, and it’s always the same tired shit that he doesn’t deserve.

    And it’s not easy being fat. It is easy to say just lose the weight, but seriously, try it.

  5. Re Jack comment above…Yes Andy is creative, and has a good gift of gab…ect. I always liked hearing Schrock and even listened to his podcasts and liked them. But the uncomfortableness and the ease of pissing him off I think was irrestible 2 Madge who is making grum 2 B entertaining. May not be “creative or funny” but it is compelling 2 listen 2. Andy took alot a shit before on grums without snapping and laughed alot at himself ,which I give props 2 -Commenting without hearing the 1K grum, pissed I had 2 work and couldnt participate live.

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