11 thoughts on “YR998 Suck It”

  1. Unrelated quote from somewhere:

    I’m tired of covering myself up to hide the fact that I’m not skinny. I can’t stand these standards of beauty today. I really do get upset when I can’t shop at certain stores because their larges or extra larges are really a size medium or smalls. I know not a lot of people think about it, but it hurts.

    Last year I was eating with my family at a restaurant when I heard these two people talk about how repulsive they find fat people. I started to cry at the table. I felt embarrassed. I couldn’t believe that people would say these cruel things in front of other people.

    I have to stop before I cry anymore. I get upset when I talk about my self image. I don’t like it.

  2. Gaga is doing exactly the kind of music she wants. She’s taking the Warhol approach– instead of challenging the world with real art, she’s just giving people what they want with little bits of subversion peppered in. HOW!

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