YR997 Hate Game

the sex cunt part of friday’s live show.

With special guest Baby Janeward!


10 thoughts on “YR997 Hate Game”

  1. When performing a forward shoulder roll, some styles roll on the back of the lead-hand (i.e., palm up), and some roll palm-down. While performing a backward shoulder roll, land on your far side hip, palm down. Hokay alraaaaiight. Clyups.

  2. I was glad to see that you could show your live show on video.I would love to come to the studio friday as hagatha.I get my check this week so if invited I will buy a GAG ball and wear it the entire time -to complete my enseme Ill wear a sign around my neck that says NAG.I think it would be a funny visual plus you wouldnt have to worry about me being naugty…Let me know here.

  3. OMFG why did you say my real name!!??? Pharmacy Matt, or Crazy Matt, whatever. But not my real name in an episode entitled Hate!

  4. My name is Rylch, and I’m a pine cone eater.

    Baby Jane N-word is fun. More BJ!

    Madge-you’d get more money if you wrote your mem-whahs. You could call it, “My Life So Far-uh. Lyyups”

  5. Stern Show/Sirius does crash and go off the air when the dumb ass sirius updates the servers or whatever, so even Stern has the same problems as your grum.

    Luv’ed echo’s and much other parts of grum.

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