Yeast Radio #1000 Until There’s a Cure…

Yeast Radio #1000 is also the longest show in Yeast Radio history. Please spend your next work day listening to this 5hr 45min pogrom instead of working.  Show notes after the album art below. CHERYL MERKOWSKI is my co-host as per usual.


Show Notes/Guests:

1st grumm yeast yoga goddess invocation
Goddonawheel remix POwerGay

schrokc sex tape
True dooty s02e02
White 1Turd Whisdom
Baby Jane’s Pear Fatty Limerix
Dame Joan Sutherland
Sanitary Pads

43 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #1000 Until There’s a Cure…”

          1. Fake Shrockbella may make a comeback if the real one does, but never in such a mean way. It got to the point where I felt like I was being way too cruel.

            Re Stripclubdeej’s comments from the last grum: for whatever reason the real Shrock doesn’t want to take that abuse anymore. I viewed that as a sign of self-assertion and as much as it sucks that he doesn’t come around anymore, I’m glad he made that choice. I’d much rather have the real Shrock back (he’s a pretty good guest) at the expense of making jokes at his expense. You can want someone to laugh at themselves but it’s not as easy when it’s you, and it’s all the time.

          2. Jack- Normally I would wait til the next show to discuss this further, but I must agree with Cheryl in that you are making a complete jackass out of yourself here. Mrs. Miller says some very mean things about Schrocky, just as poor Cheryl and I were trying to get her back on the show. Then you drive the nail into the coffin by calling in and talking about Schrockbella’s horrible incest experiences RIGHT AFTER MRS. MILLER CALLED HER A WASTE OF SPACE! Now, you are lecturing US on how to be nice to fatties? I DON’T THINK SO! Idiot.

          3. It was a combination of Mrs. Miller and Fake-Sckrockbella who rail-roaded Real-Schrockbella once she came on the air. I could only look at the screen through my hands as Madge FELL OUT. It was a truly terrible few minutes but very in keeping with the history of Schrockys appearances on the ‘grum.

            I hope she’s finds peace and tranquillity (but mostly exercise) in the golden dump-n-pump at the end of her rainbow !

          4. well my previous comment apparently didn’t post, so here goes again:

            If changing your mind makes you an idiot, than so be it.

            I wasn’t trying to tell you or anyone else how to act (you’re an adult and free to make your own stupid choices), but I love that you take what I was saying so personally, and how innocent you make yourself and cheryl out to be.

            Poor you indeed, who drives so many people away even while you beg for money because you’d rather have a job as a porn editor than one you could actually support yourself with.

          5. also Dardar, you’re an idiot. Shrock had already hung up when I called. That’s WHY I called.

  1. I was banned from the chak for saying “twat” during the first 2 minutes of the grum. WTF. I e-mailed an MP3 anyway. Looking forward to listening to the 1000 pileup, bitches. LAWLS.

  2. Still listening to the show…

    At the AC trashing bit LOL.
    I just realized that it was AC who turned me onto Yeast in the first place!

  3. I’m only halfway through it but this is epic. It was so good to hear Michael Butler again. I’m sad his ETHS never aired. He was one of my favorite guests.

  4. DearestL, Wow what a wonderful special episode, I listened to the whole 5+ hours turday, Madge it was the best 1000th show ever, I do so love the Cheryl Merkowski, what a jewel she is.

    Michael Butler was great too …….. and Mrs Miller !!! I love her, she’s hilarious, more Miller please.

    Must go now mother is calling.

  5. i really enjoyed watching the live grum and then listening to this. i only wish i had been able to call in and show my giant black penis because it really is gigantic and i think it would have been a nice addition to your anthropological studies.

  6. what a marvelous gruff, nice to hear Andy although his appearance was brief, Mrs Miller rocks, poor Andy but sometimes laughter is the best medicine, I do so hope Andy will call again maybe this Friday and Mrs Miller if she’s on (and I hope she is) could try and make up with Andy or be cruel to him because laughter is the best medicine and Andy it’s good to laugh at yourself ya beautiful beast.

  7. Congratulations on 1000 grums, Ms. Weinstein. Could you get Charlotte, the lady you called instead of Lady Raptastic, as a regular guest? She is female and has a four month old baby…all very interesting and relevant information. I imagine she’d do the grum for two nannah nine since she was blaque.

  8. That was a very good interview with Max Keiser at the end of your showgrum !!!!!!!! LIke Max being all ballsy rippen inturd the USdismay. A++++

  9. Like Beryl said;
    Quintessential Yeast Radio.

    Work the thing!
    I do what I want!
    Twice. Your mom! With SH and BC.

    And, oh, Madge, you stupid cow, fix the damn Donate button on YR’s home page. My hardearned Zł goes to Insanefilms when I donate. To some Richard person.

    I wonder how many donations has gone to him/her/it instead of you…

  10. Since I was at home most of the day yesterday I finally finished listening to this epic grum!

    My favorite parts:
    Cheryl trying to be nice to Ragan
    Royce remix
    Lorna “Breathless Pinga” Luft
    Michael Butler
    Madge falling out when Cheryl mentions the “hook”
    Hanging up on Hagatha
    Real Wanda Wisdom turning into 1turd
    Cheryl going off on the woman with the baby
    Tim as Rebecca Naids

  11. Good job on 1000 grums, Maydge. A++++ I’ve been listening since 2004. Back then, I sub’d to this mess along with all the usual shit people sub’d to back then. I’m not listening to any of that other stuff no more, though. Only the Yeast has prevailed.

    Also – what’s a grum holder? LOLZ!

  12. Blaque on blaque arguing, loves it! “I got a 14 month at home.” “Don’t talk to me like that- it’s Black History Month!!”

  13. What a GREAT special long 1000 shows grum!!!!
    It took me two days to listen to the whole thin.
    and not a dull second in the 5 plus hours. Why does Mrs.
    Miller sing the theme from The Jeffersons [Movin’ On Up]
    to Good Times? Not all blaque shows havethe same theme
    song. What blast from the pastto hear from Criffy….maybe
    you could have him on more often…at least he knows all the
    words to Lady Ca Ca songs. Rills was being nice to Regan, but
    i definitely saw though it. Though, Rills was very sweet
    and sincere when she thanked you for being a good friend.
    I really loved Shrockbella, but i guess Tough Love doesn’t work
    for him. Criffy could take it.

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