YR995 I’m Hungry!

Original Yeast- as in 1997- when Yeast Radio existed only for a few months as a real audio stream. If you don’t believe me, ask Silky Jumbo.
I should clarify- this recording is new. I just recorded it today, but it’s in the spirit of ’97 yeast. You’ll hate it of course. donate if you did or didn’t.


7 thoughts on “YR995 I’m Hungry!”

  1. Always Important-portant to remind us just how long you’ve been doing this Madge. Lookforward to listening hokeh. Fantastic mashup on the last one btw- some wicked nuggets in there. My god, that Gertrude Stein was a force to be reckoned with when it came to cycling cycling.

  2. Silky Jumbo?!?! Holy crap, I haven’t heard that name in a coons age! She reminds of that queen that did hair at the salon by the Belmont L across from Berlin. What was her name….. She flipped out and now creates dolls reminiscent of Mengele experiments.

  3. I like this episode a lot. My most listened to episode personally. I enjoy the bizarre storytelling and intro with the poem and radio drama. I wish I had the Yeasty archive from the early days.

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