yr994 the sundance kid was beautiful

true doot with sylvia brown-browne, jaimeshade, whoreISwhore & waffle house, hag’s extortion, lyups, prole, n’toilet, dennaidds, phone caws, 2soon, h8i, feesh, whoresa, wavvle house n-toilet, who tips worse: blaques or jus? Mon’i’qu’e’s pigs feet with hair on them.


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15 thoughts on “yr994 the sundance kid was beautiful”

  1. It was nice to be on your ‘grumm, even if I was cuntpletely retarded towards the end, mostly. Was a very nervous pod-virgin! Will always welcome your calls for the froiday ‘grumms, but aint gonna get all hagaids about it. This bitch is humble!

    Going to take some pics of the WH (especially bathrooms!) this week so you can get an INSIDE LOOK.

    Had alot of fun, made my year whore! Luv you out. It BURNS for up to FOUR hours!

    1. 1 part gay director/playwright, 1 part autistic poet = Crap performance art. Sorry!

      Robert Wilson with Christopher Knowles – A Letter to Queen Victoria: The Sundance Kid is Beautiful

        1. I guess you must have had been there to enjoy “Sundance Kid”…

          “Einstein on the Beach” is fantastically intriguing and like you say; a masterpiece. In general, I enjoy Glass’ music very much.

          However, what I meant was that the “Sundance Kid” is like Pollock’s Action Painting work; it’s too random to be great and unique art. IMHO, of course….

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