ugly whores

YR990 Returd of HagathurdturdAIDS for the New Year: Bad Omen for A Hole Decade

Hokay. Haright. Turdaids and a houseguest. Also the Stripclurbdj and more crap.

ugly whores

21 thoughts on “YR990 Returd of HagathurdturdAIDS for the New Year: Bad Omen for A Hole Decade”

  1. OK, so the HIVqueen (Gobbles?) was worth waiting for since she is STILL a mess. I done fell out when she yelled at her cat.

    Listening to Cheryl go on the offensive is QUALITY grum.

  2. Thankz for allowing me on your grum ! .. I tried to contribute, is intimidating gettin on a live grum..specially when ya want 2 see cock, gets me all shy = dead air. Im not dumb btw. Hagaturd is good radio.

  3. madge you take such good care of your HANDS.
    today’s grumm was much better than last weeks, started out a little salty but got sweeter as time went on. hate hagatha but love to hate her two so i don’t know naids.

  4. I’m sorry but as horrifying as she is Hagatha is absolutely hilarious and should be on more often.

    For your 1000th show you and Cheryl REALLY need to have a huge spectacular show with all your infamous fucked up characters on the show (for maybe ten minutes each) and walk down mammary lane – Wanda Wisdom, Ali Mahajani, Berbacia Clemons, Rachel Kann, Schrockbella Morteinsteinn, Lady Raptastic, Debra Wilkerson, Hagatha. It needs to be big!

  5. “I don’t drink piss! I just sip it…” as if it were a fine sherry. Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda. Translation: Although the monkey dresses in silk, she is still a monkey.

  6. hagatha please stop criticizing cheryl for being uncreative/unfunny. she is unbelievably creative, and has an amazing ability to come up with great content on the spot.

    I know you want attention, but I don’t know why you act like you’re in some kind of competition with her. cheryl is a character, she is entertaining because of the shit she makes up. you are a real person, you’re entertaining because of how horrifying you actually are.

  7. I dont have any dirt on Cheryle.Shes younger than me,Doesnt have HIV,shes apparently has vanilla taste in sex,and even though she runs a daycare center she doesnt partake of the fairer flesh, so what am i supposed to do? lay there and take it or fight back as best I can. That issue of creativity is the chink in her armor, because on occasion she does sound like a broken record. I genuinally like cheryle and her comedic sensibilities, but dont tell her I said that.

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