yr989 supplies and demand

YR989 SupLIES and Demand

trying to understand the economy via max keiser

last podcast of the year

yr989 supplies and demand


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  3. Madge let me try to explain the global warming “denier” argument:

    The leaked climategate emails are now showing that the scientists have been lying to support this political agenda of man made global warming.
    Basically the whole cap and trade thing is a giant tax scam.
    They want to tax humanity for a change in climate.

    One of the more famous phrases in the emails is “hide the decline”.
    They were discussing amongst themselves how to hide the decline in global temperatures over the last decade.

    pretty good vid on this:

  4. To me the root of the income disparity/increased productivity problem is the stock market. The consistent need for increased profits to maintain rising stock prices is achieved through keeping wages low and productivity increased. It’s an entire system built for the wealthy to get wealthier, squeezing more and more money out of the system and away from the masses.

    Will big-enough ever be enough? Why do we have to expect continued growth and increased profits. When did making 1 billion in profits become not enough? It’s stupid and out of control and the stock market seems like a big part of the problem to me.

    What do you think?

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