YR986 Christiane Amanpantypoopoer and Friends

Cheryl and Madge bring you the latest episode of True Doot, several haikus and horrible things turd discuss.
album ort by Lukes


13 thoughts on “YR986 Christiane Amanpantypoopoer and Friends”

  1. Hi my name is Heresa and my blood pressure is 50 over 35! (that’s a coma reading) *blaque pop*

    Okay ‘grumm. Madge needs more sex to chase the angries away and bring back the HUNGER /SHAME CYCLES.

    ‘Mo Madge ‘Mo Rillz 2010! Thanks for the good times!

    1. I aidsgree, madge does need more sex to make a show successful. She needs to accidentally fall OUTK into legal aliens. Gets her in the mood for poopi grums. CLEARLY that had not happened prior to this grum so we had some fail.

          1. “Jerri I have some bad news. You have syphillis. Not only that it appears your syphilis is infested with crabs and those crabs are carrying gonorrhea.”

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