YR985 Crimmas CHLYPS

Cheryl and Oy less than proudly bring you our sex cunt crimmas grumm THIS YEAR! Not bad for two Jews, is it? IS IT? btw. Maddow said “PEAR FATTY” on her most recent grumm. Ax cheryl. She’s filthy!
Yeast Radio 985 Crimmas Lyps Madge and Cheryl's 2009 christmas special for morons


14 thoughts on “YR985 Crimmas CHLYPS”

  1. I dont clean houses! I know bill didnt say that.If he invited me to an event I didnt want to go to I might have lied and said I had to “work”- I cant remember my lies…I need to learn to mp3 so I can email my ricky gervase and hagatha game show bit.I miss my gangbanger,I havent heard hide nor hair since he left.The new guy is 21 and hot, he knows Im hiv and all he does is smoke weed and act like every other wannabe Goth.He thinks hes bright but hes not.He has a cross tatooed on his forehead and bleached overcooked hair but his butt tastes delightfully dirty all the time.I gag myself with his stained underwear when hes out and he peeded on me. My doc from the tearoom has been giving me codein for a broken tooth. I dont abuse them but Ive been on them for 3 weeks.Not good.the only work I do is painting murals.I dont clean houses-Please! Happy belated hannakkah Madge. p.s. what was that about a blocked Link,I dont understand. Love and Poopy kisses The Hag

  2. That was me (heresa fulname) that done the Shrocky haiku. And yes, I really do work at waffle house. Thank you for reading it ladies!

  3. Great ‘Grum, Girls! The First Lady’s poopin’ panty story had me on the floor
    holding my lapse, laughing! Didn’t Howard Stern play “Santa Claus Has
    Got The AIDS This Year” by Tinaids Tim,
    around 1990? Cheryl was just in diapies then, while Madge was attending her Vasser 10 year reunion.

    Hagatha, get that tooth pulled, take
    some of your “inheritance” and get an implant from a hospital clinic.


  4. Madge and Cheryl, I listen to the programs with the two of you all the time. I keep them on in the background as I fall asleep sometimes. They’re SO absolutely hilarious. My favorite quote from this episode was, “Ugliness isn’t a condition, it’s a way of life!” LAWLS!

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