YR983 A Very Precious Crimmas

Cheryl dubuts a new song and performs several other songs SCAT style. Grizelda talks about her sex scene with Max of Real Housewives of NY and MUCH MUCH M(W)ORE!

yr983web A very precious crimmas. yeast radio hannukah christmas special


23 thoughts on “YR983 A Very Precious Crimmas”

  1. Tim Hensons $50 dollar donation was Memorable moment for me…Was so classy of Tim, and Earned by Madge…both great grums I respect..Unique Moment..Id cum in my colosmy bag if Tim Called into Live grum.

  2. His name is prolapse, but his name is prolapse. Girlth.
    I can top your granola bar theft Madge- I was once so poooouuuueeeeeuuuuoor I stole some chinaids rice crackers for my dinny & I feel fantastic. Aaaaalrraaaaaaiiiight, hokeh. Enjoyed the mad lyubs & Cheryl’s live karaoke binge

  3. the women at large video is terrifying!
    Like a herd of crazed cattle on the loose at the start. I see what you mean about Trish stealing your glasses too

  4. the best thing about using a frozen turd as a dildo is it was already in your ass to begin with so you don’t have to worry about gettimg anything dirty!

    1. Dont have 2 B a turd from ur hole. Could be a turd harvested from any toilet-public or household …Best thing bout frozen turd aka “Alaskan Pipeline” B frozen=hard.

  5. Two things,naids. Mad Lyupps- keep ’em coming. That was freakin’ hilarious. And roll those shoulders-who the freak has an accent like that? Where is that beyotch from?

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