YR970 Stigmata are Not Covered!

Cheryl joins me with, for the first time, Debra Wilkerson, the Jesus Whore from Church of Debra

yr970web yeast radio with cherryl prolapse and church of debra


15 thoughts on “YR970 Stigmata are Not Covered!”

  1. Debra is good person. Viewpoints so refreshing! She good person. Lisbon bad person, raised by Jewish wolves! I send Debra pierozhki and pray to the God for only good thing to happen. I slaughter hog and send blood sausage I make.

    Troll woman stop to be cruel at Wanda Wisdom! Wanda good person! Wanda friend to all.

      1. The dorm community don’t need any more AIDS, ‘naids. Send Hagatha on a secret mission to religious strongholds and infect the wayward ministers and pastors. A pox upon them all! The haggard angel of death will destroy them all. (there’s my gay agenda, even though I am a lady)

  2. Id Love to “work” the dorm… Id find buttons on those boys they didnt know they had. Id ply rev. ted ” now a hetro” haggart with meth .we know he likes whores and drugs.I would say more but I dont want to be known as the queen who wants to give haggart aids…its been a slow news cycle and that kind of story could g-r-o-w.

    there once was a thing named Cheryle
    whose real name was probably daryl,
    she wasnt a whoo-re
    cause nobody would scroo-her
    Shes the bottom of the barrel.

      1. you know what? I’ve had second thoughts about posting that last comment and I’m done making fun of you for having HIV. it’s just cruel as it’s not something you can do anything to change, and if I do it to anyone, I’m doing it to everyone.

  3. Now I regret the limmerk about you i left on madges voicemail.Basically it says you love life best when you are on your back…But really what queen doesnt.

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