YR969 Random MAXI Lapse Party!

Starring CHERYL PROLAPSE, Madge Weinstein, and a tiny bit of HUGEbella MOrtencloiops. Many impotent topics are disgust.

prolapse with Lady gaga who is really a man not really
prolapse with Lady gaga who is really a man not really


21 thoughts on “YR969 Random MAXI Lapse Party!”

          1. your WOOOOOOOOO when shrock hung up was amazing, and amazingly well placed, and I wanna send you pictures of my dick

  1. who was that asshole that called in to scream about shrocky? sieg heil man. glad you’ve found someone new to pick on but he’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than you’ll ever be

  2. There’s a reason that Cheryl is a very famous lady (because she’s entertaining), and Shrok is a shut-in (because not only is he very fat and unable to leave the house, but also because he lacks the art and capacity to entertain others).

    I will say though that Shrok has his moments of enter-taint-ment, and his jolly laugh always makes my cold, withered, baby heart feel a little warmer.

  3. your new player is the worst – whenever I pause it goes back to the start of the show, also the popup doesn’t work. What’s wrong with old one? it was great.

  4. “Hokeeh, alrrrraaaaiiight, yeeeaaaaah, rraaaooowl those shaawlderrrs, yow!”
    Can’t stop fucking saying that now.
    Yeast radio- for all your Tourette needs. Hokeeh, alraaaiight.

  5. Oh just wish the Schrockbella would a been on the grum live talkin when ya played the firm-uterus caller who was haten on Schrok.

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