YR951 don’t go chasing prolapsefalls

Cheryl shits a waterfall and John Pee cums too. Was Schrock on? I cunt remember. It was A week ago and I’m posting this from an iPhone in the sloeries car.

20 thoughts on “YR951 don’t go chasing prolapsefalls”

  1. HAHA I am NOT rich. Not even remotely. I’m just a struggling film student, I literally have no money to my name.

    Lovely/hilarious ‘grum apart from all the random n word outbursts. You bitches are completely races!

  2. This episode was hilarious. Who could’ve thought that penises could fart? Someone needs to tell the Alexxys. What happened to her?
    Loved the woaterfoall.

  3. I agree with you, Madge. The show is funny and perfectly fine without Hagathuraids. Lets keep it that way. The hilarity during the wurterfall was contagious.

  4. I’m the bearish one that showed my penis on Madge’s grum a while back. So John P. wants to have sex with me? Woo woo woo

  5. Sorry – I don’t think we know each other. I have called in to other shows under different names, but to my knowledge we have never met.

    Love the grums – keep ’em coming.

    Veritable Virgo

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