YR951 don’t go chasing prolapsefalls

Cheryl shits a waterfall and John Pee cums too. Was Schrock on? I cunt remember. It was A week ago and I’m posting this from an iPhone in the sloeries car.

SHOW NOTES BY WASABI:Madge and Cheryl are once again together and immediately there are lesbian technical difficulties related to the long lost Yeast Radio Ustream channel. RIP. The problem ends up being Madge’s fault—somethings never change.

The live broadcast is finally up and Madge clack clacks on the keyboard to pronounce it. Some sexy whispering between Madge and Cheryl but no one cums. Hagatha called 1,000 times and left VMs. #pinkberry#nwordingdouche

Cheryl updates us on project protein angel. Dr. Listwood stops by and Cheryl plays a special dooty clip. Madge erupts in laughter and the plan is set to queue the explosion up with TLC’s Waterfalls. Cheryl details the contents of the dooty we just heard with blueberries being the main feature.

Directly following talk of shitting, Madge asks for an update on Nick Starr and his Nick/Tuck journey. It’s revealed Nick Tard’s Dr. wanted him to undergo gynecomastia surgery for his bitch tits in addition to his tummy tuck. Cheryl recommends a face removal and then critiques Nick’s life choices of homelessness to save for cosmetic surgery. #shesnotcrazy

Cheryl reads haiku-nts about Ragan, Hagatha, the dorrum, and Nick Starr. Madge cautions Cheryl the Nick Starr is sensitive and “she doesn’t want to be the reason he jumps off a bridge” (allegedly). Protein angels is mentioned again and “pan-face” is worked in.

Madge didn’t pull any clips from the Democracy Now story about prolapse but Cheryl is ugly. A few more haiku-nts mostly featuring DD and the dorrum. Madge finds the audio for Waterfalls and the dooty sound magic begins. Madge falls out once the cacophony of squirts and plops is in full effect. Cheryl tries to read more coco-dorm haiku’s and Madge desperately tries to move on.

A machofucker cum blood video is the distraction topic. Cheryl wants to see it and Madge is worried the ustream feed could be deleted but plays it anyway. Madge narrates the clip and let’s us know when the “blood-cummy” is birthed. “He’s really loving it though.” says Madge.

Madge offers to show Cheryl a “rose” clip and “ring around the rosy” tattoos are rightfully made fun of. An occasional YR guest during this time, and Oprah’s favorite employee, John P., joins the grum and shares a lovely story about urinating blood and penile farting. Cheryl relates to John P.’s woes with her frequent abortions. Madge updates John P. on the Nick/Tuck story and he turns it around into a wholesome story of someone actually in need. Madge offers to help after she pays for her iPhone and John P. outs himself as a “bean-queen”. Laurie Anderson vs. Lonnie Anderson and Strangers with Candy, Mr. Jellineck’s missing face episode is recounted.

Cheryl is ready to exercise her dooterus again and name her next abortion then talk of current t.v. shows and sex offender list Apps. John P. asks about Wanda and the protein powder angel talk is reignited. Clip of Wanda asking (begging) for a protein angel is played. Laughs all around.

Cheryl begins the dedications to her recent dooties. More conversations with the John P. while they make fun of Madge. Next topic, is “jew canoe” offensive? Madge says no, Cheryl says yes. Madge and Cheryl argue over Cheryl’s accidentally on purpose racism. #porkandninny

Going to, and avoiding, horrible places is discussed. We are powerless over assholes. #fistulas Madge is a hoarder and needs advice from John P. We are treated to a final disgusting dedication from Cheryl about Planter’s Warts. The show wraps up as the hosts discuss upcoming travel plans, Madge to visit Dawn & Drew in Wisconsin and John P to “get aids in Puerto Vallarta”.

END (no music)


20 thoughts on “YR951 don’t go chasing prolapsefalls”

  1. HAHA I am NOT rich. Not even remotely. I’m just a struggling film student, I literally have no money to my name.

    Lovely/hilarious ‘grum apart from all the random n word outbursts. You bitches are completely races!

  2. This episode was hilarious. Who could’ve thought that penises could fart? Someone needs to tell the Alexxys. What happened to her?
    Loved the woaterfoall.

  3. I agree with you, Madge. The show is funny and perfectly fine without Hagathuraids. Lets keep it that way. The hilarity during the wurterfall was contagious.

  4. I’m the bearish one that showed my penis on Madge’s grum a while back. So John P. wants to have sex with me? Woo woo woo

  5. Sorry – I don’t think we know each other. I have called in to other shows under different names, but to my knowledge we have never met.

    Love the grums – keep ’em coming.

    Veritable Virgo

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