1. Madge, that was not my number, I dont know whose it was; I guess I could call it but Im scared.Id give the real one but Id be worried about certain of your listeners who want me dead. Woo Wooo to you Cheryle.Madge I called the incontenance consultant last night. I have medicare and tried to get some Depends for my patron who is 89- Any thing for brownie points Im in the doghouse for my grand slam (and it was not at DENNYS)
    I got minutes on my track phone,and we’ll call the incontenance consultant if you want friday and tell them im gay and cant hold my poop in.I only mention Phil (he’s the 89 yr old) because it was pertinent to what I was talking about and the truth,I had to kiss a alot of frogs to find him,and I do earn what I get- which is not that much. bye yall.

  2. Imagine thatK, listenturds wanting HagathurdAIDS dead? Says it idn’t so. Seriously thatx returded; if u finnah like drinkin u-rine and tastin dooty thatk ur bizNASTY. Why do ppl care?

    If u don’t wanna drink u-rine and eat poopy don’t finnah do itk. Be like NancAIDS Reagan (before the broken hip and senility) and “Just Say No!” ‘naids.


  3. Think turd bout itk. “Depends” is guud name. If u finnah pee and poop ur panny then u be DEPENDent on them. And if u on Medicare or Medicaid, you be DEPENDent on thatK service to git ur DEPENDS. It be all guud.

      1. LISTEN Madge. CLEARLY you are verrry busy to be moniturding these commenks so closely. Plz to post 1)the grum we did, and 2) the retard video that I have been waiting for months turd watch. KTNX x19999990003

        1. If you send me the monaids, i will purchase it for you. Otherwise you can go find one at THE DORM, they have lots of ipod touches, and even some with phone capabilities that they borrow from MADGE. She loves THE DORM, and all that it has to offer (blaques). She loves the blaques. N-word ferguison told mayids.

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