YR941 Hagatha Crosses the Borderline of Piss and Worse Still!

Cheryl and Madge talk to Hagatha about things that are truly unmentionable. Hagatha is very ugly but she still gets laid because she drinks urine and spreads toxicities.
This is part one of two.
Part two is better.
Hagatha on yeast radio with CHeryl merkowski talking about the jackhammer and other horrors.

19 thoughts on “YR941 Hagatha Crosses the Borderline of Piss and Worse Still!”

  1. OK, Hagatha is officially done. She’s completely disrespectful, which makes sense as to why she then subjects herself to cruising shit and piss.

    She should actually be institutionalized.

    Plz, plz, plz don’t ever bring back that piece of shit.

    1. “She should actually be institutionalized.”
      “Plz, plz, plz don’t ever bring back that piece of shit.”

      Amazing. You think Hagatha is disrespectful?

  2. “We used to play brothers” “It only happened 2 or 3 times” !!

    The AIDS doesn’t exsist, it’s all “Disco Exhastion!”

    Yeast Radio rises to a new low!!

    And I’m only at 27 mins, I’m scared to continue…

  3. I find Hagatha a surprisingly entertaining guest. It’s fascinating to hear some real and inadvertently humorous (in a gross way) tales involving poopaids etc.

    I dunno how you do it Madge, but you be real gooood at making acquaintances with some genuinely interesting and ‘unique’ characters.

    Including of course Cheryl ‘bad things always happen to good people’ Merkowski.

    I may be wrong, but I believe that Rilch is suggesting that she is a ‘good’ person. I’m sure that she is good in a lot of ways that we don’t get to see, but on this show the Rilz does ‘occasionally’ exhibit bitter/bitchy/judgmental/condescending behavior towards other guests – which is fine in balance but just becomes a bit nasty and/or personal at times. Just because you got a comedy voice naids (although I know it’s real) don’t mean your comments aren’t genuinely meant sometimes and perhaps a bit hurtful.

    Please don’t misunderstand and Please don’t worry about it. Cheryl on the (whore) hole is all good and she is great on the show – I miss her when she’s not ‘on’. I was just making an observation/having psychotic rant.

  4. Yes, Hagatha needs to be institutionalized as she is practically a murderer, having bareback anonymous sex and not disclosing her HIV status.

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