YR935 Introducing Shrockbella Mortenstein

We mourn Bea Arthur’s horse urine with Cheryl Prolapse. This show is very important. Wash it.

Bea Arthur is anti Horse Urine with the premarine

12 thoughts on “YR935 Introducing Shrockbella Mortenstein”

  1. I love how the Friends of Auntie Vera don’t listen to her ‘grum. Otherwise they would know her birthday is May 7 as she has mentioned it at 53 times as old as she will be. oy!

  2. Madge – the opening tunes are hot hot hot! I had to run to itunes to buy some Robyn – do you have any other dance tunes you are playing on your turntables to make the chickens dance?

  3. wow, this is the first time i feel in a way sexually attracted to a lady on the cover image. these boobs are very firm.

  4. I think this show was good. Actually, I can’t remember now.

    Anyway, Madge, Madge, Madge, like the Rilch (or whatever she’s called these days), you don’t need to pay for no Feeder. Your license is in the mail.

    Also, I have no idea why YR2 was hacked, but I think it is probably the same thing as before and I think that had something to do with using the default theme (or in your case, probably a theme based on that) from around version 1.5 or something. Anyway, hopefully it should be alright now.

    Lesbian Tech Support Dept.

  5. Loved this show, your voice was extremely Little Edie and amazing. Poor Rachel, I hope she’s ok.

    Oh and MORE SHOWS PLEASE xxxxx

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