YR933 Bon’Que’Esha Jackson nee McJackson meets Rilch and Pee

Welcome to a rare guest, Bon’Que’Esha Jackso, a nubian goddess with a speech impediment. Cheryl comes along for the raaad and John Pee stopps by. Also, a real dumb cawl.

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24 thoughts on “YR933 Bon’Que’Esha Jackson nee McJackson meets Rilch and Pee”

  1. I love your show Madge. Been listening for years but never comment.
    You and Cheryl always make me laugh and you two are my fav pod personalities on the internets.
    Rachael an Andy (or whatever his name is now)depress me an especially Andy gives me the willies. Rachael makes me bang my head against the wall an sink into a black hole of despair.

    1. True that Storm.

      Rachel is a hot mess, and not in a good way. I cringe each time I see her name in the show notes. Feels like I should be taking antidepressants before listening turd her. Andy is also usually in a funk too.

      Bon’Queer’Sha was funny, but she finnah be too loud. What happened to John P. BQS drowned him out and he finnah hung up, right?

      Oooh, still feelin’ icky after Hagatha’s licking fudge ass story. Not Right, Honaids. Not Right at all.

  2. I love the Miss Bon’Qui’Sha! She be the best thang to happen to dis show inna long long time. It be funny to listen to Cheryl’s simmerin jealousy over dis bootyful big boned nubian goddess woman steelin her thunda. I be laffin at dat. And Miss Bon’Qui’Sha she be speakin the queen’s english and don’t need no tranzlator! It be real gewd to be hearin her represent us strong blaque women of colour.

  3. Madge, I stumbled on your site recently and I must say it is by far some of the funniest shit ever. I am completely addicted to your show. I’d love to help you (for free) anytime with marketing ideas and such. I work for a very large NPO as their marketing director and I just love your stuff. Keep it up!

  4. Bon’Que’Esha’s last name should be Jenkins.

    Also next time you have her on the show please make sure to schedule it at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday. That’s Alexyss Standard Time.

  5. This was classic yeast.

    But you should find a new way for people to donate. Not everyone can use paypal.

    If you really are serious about getting money from listenturds you should use some sort of “donation thermometer,” indicating some set “goal” and the amount of payments.

    I would like to donate something but again, since I can’t use paypal right now, and am in the Europes and can’t send a check, I can’t.

    Even if you truly want a buck a minute, it makes it sound like an insurmountable sum.

    I know you’re gonna rip me a new one for this, or ignore it, but it’s what’s been on my mind for the past several months.

    But again, this episode was real guud.

    1. How the hell else would you donate if you can’t send a check & you can’t use paypal? I am sure Madge would be more than open to your suggestions, if you had some. CUMOON.

  6. I don’t fucking know, ugly whore.

    It’s just that because once I opened my paypal account years ago, I lived in the Uniturd States, now I lives in the Europes, and have a different credit card, and every time I try to use it, pay pal starts accusing me of fraud etc., and it is a very complicated process to change, apparently… But maybe it is time to do it.

    1. JESUS!

      I just tried calling to paypal to try to sort things out and ended up, after 10 minutes of running around in circles, being told another telephone number to call.

      I guess moving between countries is unheard of at paypal, and a reason to freeze accounts. Right now, as I explained to the customer service rep, they have more control over my credit details than I seem to!

      Fuck pay pal.

  7. Super Nasty and Disgusting – that Hagatha fuck who “like a bit of fudge”. That was enough to force me to throw up in my mouth. Also something that Hagatha mentioned about the “risk of Hep C from licking ass”. Actually, that’s not quite right. It is Hepatitis A which is linked to fecal-oral transmission; Hepatitis C, on the other hand, is entirely bloodborne or transmission through blood-to-blood contact. Best way to stay safe and disease-free – stop taking dooty in your piehole.

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