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  1. I think it was late last year/early this year I talked on my podcast about not joking about suicide anymore. I have since maybe joked about it twice. But I had a friend who joked about it and it really bothered me which is why I quit. So I completely get the need for not joking about it.

  2. I think it’s just a group of people getting together and mutually picking one person to bully together. I think that’s what happened with Rachel and I.

    I’m still me. Even though I’m using a new name. Nothing has changed but the name.

    If I was to be on a group show I would still get upset if people were bullying me because even though I might have a new name, it’s still me.

  3. Rachel, I’m straight and female and I completely agree. I have never enjoyed the Yeasts featuring this guy. I can’t believe it took so long for someone to call him out.

  4. You can change “love” to “really enjoy” and and the whole “i don’t trust” thing to me using is as a good test of whether another person’s tastes are compatible to mine. Hyperbole is so much easier on the internet.

  5. Great to hear Rachel again! Props to Madge for acknowledging the ‘ganging up’ scenario from the other week – I also agree with Madge’s take on the situation.

    She be one wise (and appropriately wizened) dyke with a heart of gold/hand of wood/lapse of an angel.

  6. I find Rachel episodes to be sheer torture, intellectually and audibly, I always make sure to listen to them.

    I guess I’m just into BMT like that.
    Body and Mind Torture from all the hilarious ‘Honey is not Honey’-crap soul searching ramblings by Madge and the Shoemaker’s daughter.

    But, who am I kidding… Love the pair of yous!

    Furthermore, I really think Madge has a point that it’s not really vagina-envy that it’s all about. Bullying by any other name would still be Bullying (…but you wouldn’t really know Bullying unless… etc.).

  7. Love the Eat Yeasts, wish there were other Eats, like Eat Wanda or Eat Vera or even Eat Whorehole!
    The Internet let’s dicks be dicks. I think it’s not worth your time or emotional money trying to intellectualize them. Let them seethe in their own self loathing.

  8. About Chicken Fat song….

    A local show called “Lucy’s Toyshop” played this song on her kids show that was produced in Columbus Ohio in the late 60’s..I was on the show when I was like 5 or so and am sure I did the whole routine of this song on live TV…..shit i would kill to have that footage.
    Been trying to find this song for years…okay well I spent a few hours trying to find it one day and could not find crap.
    Any whos…Kick ass!
    I sent ya a couple coins…wish I was a rich fucker but damn every bit counts.

  9. I for one enjoy the variety of grums and phases Madge goes through. It makes her more like Madge, the whore you can’t label and put in a box! Mostly.

  10. I love the whole cast and agree that perspective is influenced by time, space and experience.

    Separately, calling people out is stupid.

    It is unclear to me why Rachel might take exception, or may be offended by the behavior of others on the show.

    In her words, she needed to withdraw from a previous episode to maintain some respect for herself.

    For real? Over mocking about daddy issues and a suggestion that she poop herself while reciting poetry, naked?

    Rachel is in the company of cartoonish, poopy panty fanatics for whom it could be argued the phrase daddy issues were first coined.

    The show is a hall of mirrors where nothing you encounter is real, its an exaggeration or homage.

    Madge speaks plainly about her underwear-sniffing pop!

    Andy’s dad is regularly shredded in group fashion for alcohol and enabling his housebound overweight son.

    And Cheryl is too foul and ugly to get a man to acknowledge she came from his loins.

    How does it follow that tossing around claims of daddy issues would have any greater relevance or depth when the term is tossed at Rachel? Even if she had them!?!

    Eat Yeast is a carnival ride where the carny finished collecting tickets and double checking seat belts a long time ago.

    1. Yeah, I see what you’re sayin’ – although what you’re describing isn’t quite the same as the predictable disregard and one dimensional communication with Rachel for practically that entire show.

      “The show is a hall of mirrors where nothing you encounter is real, its an exaggeration or homage.”

      Creative justification ‘naids!

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