14 thoughts on “YR928 The Twelve Traditions of Engineered Hardwood Flooring”

  1. Best of luck Madge. I’m sorry the paying casts are’nt working for you.
    I was’nt suprised when you started those.
    Fair enough frankly, considering how long you’ve been doing this & how genuinely funny,insightful & creative it is.
    I’m glad u know your worth. Agreed, no more starving artists!
    Easier said than done with the internet though as you know. Sorry about that.
    Anyway, if people want performing monkaids, there are plenty of those on youtube- madge & Yeast Radio should’nt have to be in that category, at least not for peanuts.
    I’m confident she’ll be back when she bloody well feels like it anyway & quite right too.

      1. Oops – that was just habit that I typed “good bye” and “good luck” – I *am* wishing you good luck on your floors – but I’m not going anywhere. (I’m only one hour one min into the show in case you have any updates I don’t know about yet.) GAWD ON A WHEEL (SIGH)

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