Rachel has a nervous breakdown as Cheryl and Chris Wegrel invade the grumm.
Special Musical Guests: Developmentally disabled adults singing.
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46 thoughts on “YR924 GOD ON A WHEEL!”

  1. You have to hand it to that womyn, she was quite astute. I would like to see more nationalities give Cheryl a run for her monaye.

  2. oh beautiful rachey – hope you are doing OK. Just to be an annoying fangirl your work is fucking great – it articulates the bits of my self I am too clumsy to articulate myself. you still rock my socks, even if i got no podcast or comment loving

  3. I’m getting a bit frustrated atm – Madge I love your show and I think I’m being little too sensitive, however, lately at times I’m finding it a bit uncomfortable to listen to. Yeah, bitchy is sometimes funny but just now, esp with Chris and Cheryl turdgether, the ‘ganging up’/frequency/tired predictable nature of and more to the point – unfunny and dismissive way Rachel is spoken to seems a bit OTT (well, after the millionth time anyway!). Oh and the noise of Chris’s delighted giggling and apparent joy he receives from this repetitive, ‘nasty’ and slightly embarrassing way he occasionally talks to/about people………..Well, God on a Wheel!

    Cheryl – you are my inspiration, you’ve got it goin’ ooooon but come on now, do you agree even slightly, that there is a limit to how much hate the ‘Kann Can’ take? What she dun turd you – steal your career?

    1. Sarah, Rachel is taxing. Christopher Weagel is gorgeous. And Andaids, you are listening to the show and reading the comments so stop being a Peeping Tom and commenk. Rachel ate your letter of resignation from Yeast Radio so it’s null and void.

    2. I agree with this. This show was great after poor Rachel left but at the start it was too much like a pack of queens picking on the one with an actual vagina and it was rather cringe-worthy to listen to. Of course the bitter cunts like Xavier and Chris probably loved it and got off on it, the sick bastards. Even if you find Rachel annoying you could never call her a bad person and she doesn’t deserve all this irrational hatred. But for someone who hates Sarah Silverman for being a bully, it was kind of interesting to see this kind of thing on the show.

      LOVED the phone call to the Australian by the way and no way that was my mother! Did I ever tell you that my grandmother actually had a prolapse? She always used to joke that “don’t carry heavy things or you’ll have a vagina that falls down to your knees”. So I knew the concept from an early age and surprisingly I think most of my friends would. Must be an Australian thing. The woman on the line sounded like a bogan housewife, hilarious!

    3. LISTEN. Sometimes things can get outta hand…. that’s all. Inside I love rapechel, but her VOICE is just so LOUD sometimes that it gets inside my head and I naturally attack. As does everyone. Attack Rapechel that is. We cannot help that he is so depressive and self-pooping-on.

      Honestly, stop taking things so seriously… perhaps you need to take aids little break on the grums and masturdbate a bit. It helps everything. or, try some Miracle II honaye.

  4. Where do I start?

    Chiropractors are mostly legit. But you have to find the right one.

    That poor guy looking for a baby sounded a bit ree-ree.

    Why is Rachael so insecure? Her mother seems OK. Rachael, you do have talent. Don’t be afraid of it.

  5. Rachel is a talented poet, but I don’t like prose novels that deal with modern/grungy plots; from what I’ve read no one has really worked it.

    Sometimes it helps to realize you’re trapped in a style of writing…

    For the grum, it was good, but I’m with Sarah… this entertainment is beginning to have its value set to mindless. If that’s what you’re aiming… if that’s what people want to pay for…

    I’m somewhat nostalgic for old yeast, where life was a little nicer and your fuck the world attitude had a little more tongue in cheek and intelligencia. Now you’re like a trapped dog biting at its leg.

    I imagine, if you ever do, that when you leave the country your grums will sprout up nice and green. But, for the moment, we’re right in your mess and maybe that’s not fun. I mean, a few months ago I would have been laughing with you about cumming in a guys eye, the world was lighter and brighter… now I just felt bad for you and realized you’re much like the queens you hate on.

    Everything is so backward and on its head.
    I dunno.

  6. OH yoos guys – you know Madge is cranky. But the fun is she means the opposite of what she sounds like… constantly calling Cheryl and Rachel dumb bitches? She wouldn’t spend so much time with them if she didn’t love them dearly.

    1. I agree with that – I have no issue at all with ‘Madge Speak’ it’s one of the reasons I love her. Overall I also enjoyed this show.

      My earlier comment was not about Madge. It was regarding the fact that the *majority* of interaction with Rachel was overly dismissive/condescending rendering her presence little more than an opportunity to deride her. Don’t get me wrong, making jibes, taking the piss and calling each other dumb bitches is a non issue – in fact ‘it’s perfectly normal’ and can be entertaining – especially when it’s not unbalanced or the default mode of communication reserved and directed (for the most part) to the same person.

      IMO Madge got the balance right, as I believe she always does (mostly).

      The Dried Fig and Chris Evil, not so much.

        1. I normally don’t care about shit like this. Nothing on Yeast has ever made me uncomfortable. But lately the whole Rachel is retarded etc. shtick is getting uncomfortable.

          I guess it’s because I’ve loved the whore for four years! (And for the rewhored I LOVE the Lois Kann when she’s on the grum)

  7. Seems to me like Rachel stole Sofa Bed’s career at feeling depressed after getting shit on on Yeast Radio…

    Also, Baby Man said he had pancreatic cancer? Then suggested calling back after 4-5 weeks? I wonder if his doctors told him about the ~5% survival rate for type of cancer :/ Hopefully it was detected early, so he can go on treating people like babies.

  8. Rachel, I loved your readings from you book. Maybe if you read more or share more you won’t be so self cunt-jews about it. It really sounds great.

  9. You’re morons.

    I was asking sincere questions about Rachel’s work and asked her to actually read it, which she did. I can’t control her inner shame and self-doubt.

    1. You are a fat turd. A Meltonian wannabe.

      Rachael is a poet. A writer. She creates. Albeit a derivative writer, she makes something. What have you done that is on display? What can you point to that shows your creativity?

      You are a feeder. A bottom-feeder.

      Rachel is a seeker. She will find her way in life. She will find her place. She will succeed.

      You will remain in Michigan. I think that says it all.

        1. I’ve always liked Chris, and he did ask some good questions, but it seems that they weren’t answered for some reason or another.

  10. Listen Rapshalom. I recently watched a Mythbuster grom where they were polishing real turds to the point where they were shining billiard balls. The moderaturds even got some experts on the show explaining the very complicated procedure and admittedly they where quite good at that. The point is just this, sometimes you simply cannot make enough money out of crap – even fantastically well polished – and with all the aids going on right now there ain’t simply enough Cheryls out there paying for crap-balls. So besides ALL YOUR TALENT you certainly have (hidden somewhere), and besides all this really beautihalffull stuff you have to done so far, you have to do some real work. But please don’t be concerned, in the future with an reemerging economy there for sure will be again some snobs who will love seeing your shining balls, hearing your very petite voice and your very profound cuntent.

  11. Rachel is better than this juvenile train wreck. In fact, so am I. So sad how one of my favorite ‘grums has devolved into this. Nothing interesting here – just emotional cripples saying mean, childish things.

  12. Madge, can we donate specifically for a show with just you and Rachel once a week? The shows with just the two of you are great.

  13. What a bunch of a$$whole$. Madge and Cheryl – I truly love you – but you bitches need a beat down for the way you treat Rachel – don’t make me put my rings on! Most episodes are a gift and the banter is he-larrrrious (just like cancer) but for some reason when Chris joins you all go on the attack like a bunch of rabid dogs tearing that fragile art teacher apart. Listen – I spent 32 years in the back of bus station blowin asian businessmen for junk money – I ain’t got time for this meanness.

  14. These group shows have blown dead goats. Madge with ONLY Cheryl (LOVE her!)= fantesticle. Madge with ONLY Rachel (LOVE him!)= fantesticle. Add more and it’s just dull bread that never goes anywhere. Seriously Madge, ever since you started doing shows based on donations, the cuntent quality has really gone down. I’d pay for the smart and bitchy content from 1-2 years back but this mess of listening to you tell us for an hour how you don’t care about anything…not so much. I suppose I can still be thankful that you haven’t had that wizened old tosspot Vera on in a long time.

  15. Sure these last few episodes have been different from what you might think is the best of YR, but any Yeast is good enough for me. If you think it sucks just hit the stop button

    If Madge doesn’t have the time to plan out exciting topics other than prank calls, talking about panty pooping, and making fun of Rachel then oh well. Get fucked. You get what you pay for, and if you ain’t paying then at this point you must not care about the artist anyway.

    Cheryl is amazing, and Madge is brilliant. Have patience and hope that Madge can get paid by a company or sponsors for this shitstorm so we can get back to more important things like Prolapse, 3 mashups a week, and videos from Europe.

    1. You get what you pay for??? Really??? Cuz I wasn’t aware that I had any say in the cuntent that Madge puts out there once a donation has been made. And Madge is far too lazy to actually keep track of what any particular listenturd wants to hear so I’d guess you just made that one up.

      As for not “supporting the artist”. Has it ever occurred to you that there are listenturds out there who are worse off than Madge? People who can’t afford gym memberships, massages, trips to Floriturd? Other people who saw vaginas and went broke? So I would kindly ask you to follow your own advice and get fucked…twice.

  16. Great show. Nice and long, started listening on the way to work and finally finished on the way home this morning. Nice mix with the calls at the end and the crazy tweet tweet song. Loved it.

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