YR917 Eat Yeast Video Stream Recording from HELL!

The first ever live video stream of Eat Yeast took place yesturday. Fortunately it was a total disaster. Also, Ustream does not allow the recording of the video from co-hosts, Goddess only knows why. So as a result you only get to see me and not Rachel. You can, however, hear it.

22 thoughts on “YR917 Eat Yeast Video Stream Recording from HELL!”

  1. It wasn’t THAT bad, it started off fucking hilarious and then you ran out of gas and it descended into rambling dead air hell. My non-cameo was embarrassing due to technical ineptness sorry my audio wasn’t working. I got banned from the chak for saying “queef”.

    1. It was a horrible show, but it came nowhere close to the level of disappointment achieved by your first ever appearance on Yeast Radio.

  2. What a total mess. The only good parts were when Cheryl and Chris were on. That tranny mess Rachel did nothing but talk to her boyfriend the entire time. But I did love the headstand and the close ups of your nostril and eyeball.

  3. Excuse, but I would like just the audio of these shows please BEFORE I donate…and perhaps send you a Zabar basket. And dont even think about fixing up that place…just deduct the price of the fix up from the sales price and be done with it……by god that Midwest has made your brain raw. Like people are running to YOuR fixed up one bedroom in sub arctic America.

  4. Rachel!! I love you so much, but…
    Goddamn-it, stop talking to Chris all the time!!! I can’t stand that “babe” shit! I want to drive to goddamned Los Angeles and kick you in your giant mons pubis!!! BABE , BABE , BABE

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