An unbelievable telephony experience  with The Rilch.

Another new song from Zeeche.

Madge reviews Starbucks’ New Shitty Coffee


13 thoughts on “YR916 HOLE DON!”

    1. It’s so hok the way the chair lapses in and out of the bath in the animated GYFE. Turn down the lights, and you could use it as a prop in Carrie or The Exorcist.

    2. And you better hope those cables are well insulated, otherwise no more flan for fatty.

      Cheryl, you will need to have the cables treated because your cunt juice is extremely corrosive even when diluted with TUB (grll) water.

  1. ” M as in Merry
    E as in Edward
    R as in err Rabbit
    K as in umm Koala
    O as in OooOooOoo
    W as in Wanda
    S as in Sally
    K as in Koala
    I as in ‘I a see you “

  2. You’ll do a show for 1$ a minute, but you think that a cup of the Starbucks insta coffee is too much at the same price? It’s not all that bad.

    Also, can we donaids the money and put in stipulations; like, here’s 20$ and I’d like to hear 20 minutes of you *not* asking for moneys, honeys?

    Still love your lapse and your grum. Get fucked.

  3. Holy shit, the guy on the line was TOTALLY a prisoner in some maximum security jailhouse call center. Talk about ‘on the job’ training!

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