23 thoughts on “YR914 Shopping for Obesity”

  1. You know, i’m jealous that Andy has so much beautiful nature and space down there in Tennessee.

    Andy, if we traded places and I wanted to get some exercise- I would take that dog of yours on a nice long walk every day. Both you and the dog could get exercise, and nobody will give you crap for walking alone- you’ll have the dog as an excuse to walk wherever you want. And if you don’t have the dog anymore? No big deal. Walk on your own, you’ll be awesome.

    And no, the cold isn’t an excuse. Get yourself bundled up and you’ll be fine if the weather is anywhere above freezing. And yes, I know you don’t have a lot of sidewalks down there. Thats ok, walk on the side of the road, or through paths- thats what everybody else does. I’ve lived in the country before, my dad used to run miles along the sides of roads- he wanted to stay in shape that bad.

    Andy, please take this seriously. This is something you could start doing TODAY. Don’t wait one more day. I don’t care if you feel tired. You’re going to feel tired every day of your life if you don’t start walking. Get out there- you’ll sleep better every night and you’ll burn up enough calories to earn you a hardy meal.

    Andy- this is reality- being heavier, you will burn EXPONENTIALLY more calories at your current weight, doing regular exercise. Because your body has to work harder, you shed the initial weight quicker. Kick some butt now and you’ll see results quicker than you’d imagine.

    And remember, your emails and videos can wait until you get back home.

  2. Cheryl makes me want to mast-turd-bate. We love the Cherly and the Madge…

    Why not get Mat to replace Andy? He would be perfect!!!! Although he is hot….

    1. If you are talking about Matt Blender, please god nooooo. His testipop voice alone makes me want to die.

  3. BTW –

    The tubs are mostly used for older people that cannot move or for people that have had strokes…or for very fat people who are very tired…and who cannot move the legs up or down…too cold in the bathroom to move. Some come with flip down food trays so you can eat while your bathing. I think its fabulous!

  4. Madge, Another tremendous show.
    when you are interviewing candidates for andy’s replacement – please make sure he/she has the same cute southern accent. and can make potato salad with extra mayonase!

    1. You should do it like Eat This Hot Show, audition a different fatty every day/week! Go for females too.

  5. Woonderful! Please keep supplying the Cheryls with the drugs. You two are wonderful and should make commercials. Reminds me of lesbian Stadtler & Waldorf from the Muppet Show. (Cheryl, do not claim you are too young to know, look them up whore!)

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