11 thoughts on “YR912 The Neti of the Yeti”

  1. You’s On Fire in this grum, Madge!
    Old School Fire!

    However, I am a bit torn about the new business model. If (When) push comes to shove I would rather pay a monthly fee for access to your show. What if I don’t like “my minute’s worth”? On the other hand, who am I to decide how that minute should look like. On the third hand, $ for min is fair in a way…

    Well, I can see how you’re thinking, said the blind man to the deaf as he picked up his hammer and saw.

      1. Valid point.
        Plus, you’d always “risk” your shows to be shared for free to people who did not pay for them, to be a greedy Mary about it.

        Will $2.99 give me 3 min or 2.59 min?

    1. oh yeah, and I wish I had the money turd pay jew! If I was the rich I would give you tons of money, naids!!

      ‘Cept I seen a vigina last year, and…well, you know.

      And I lost my jobz.

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