YR911 just another show about fat, pathetic andy melturd


feat: Rachel and Grizeldturd

 just another show about fat, pathetic andy melturd

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        1. I think that once one is considering purchasing special furniture to fit your ass that one might first consider losing weight.

          Go for a walk every day?! First 15 minutes, then 20, then 30, then 45 then an hour and so on.

          Then just eat enough calories to lose a little weight. This will work! I plan on doing it as soon as I can pry my ass off this tiny chair!

    1. Hon, just because you took LSD doesn’t mean you’re dead and in heaven. You’re just trippin’… in a good way.

      All the Google ads in this cast are about obesity. Perhaps Madge and specially Andy can find a sponsor to help out. I’m thinking bariatric surgery like what that b*tch Star (she wishes) Jones had.

  2. Trust me, contact Richard Simmons to help Andy, he’s dying for a comeback.
    Plus, I’m so over the OCTOMOM and Monkey-Rage.

  3. Thank the dead baby Jeebus that someone with half a brain, Grizzie, FINALLY told it like it is.

    ANDY, YOU LAZY FUCK: You are the master of your destiny, so get out of your Dad’s house and start living your life and quit being a pathetic loser. Jesus Fucking Christ, you’re ONLY in your twenties. WTF are you going to do, live to be a closeted homo well into your 40’s before you find yourself?
    You know I love ya’ but you’re a mess.
    Messay, ‘naids. Very messsaaaayyyy!

    Rachel, please quit being AndAids enabler as he is not sick, just retarded.

    Oh, and I just love my new Akai APC40, Madge. Come on down to the Naperville Goodwill and I’ll let you have my hand-me-downs.

  4. Rachel\
    The Fool: A juggler with a dog at his heels, he’s in control juggling, and his baser instincts are tamed as depicted by the dog. But The Fool is on the edge of a cliff, close to falling off. Rachel, even if you believe you’re growing or in control in some respect – that doesn’t mean you’re not about to fall off a cliff. The Fool doesn’t watch his path, not paying attention the world. Why do you think an experience of pain and loss is an experience of growth? The experience isn’t growth, it is suffering~ survival and transcending it is the growth. Not until it has passed and you have phased through it.

    Aren’t Osho zen cards not really tarot, they’re like divination cards or oracle cards…

    And… then, this is old, but I believe Andy when he says he doesn’t have chafe on the thighs. I think Madge was the one that said every fatty has a certain fat formation. If you watch Andy’s trampoline video, which has a very good re-run value, you’d notice that his fat-formation is VERY top heavy. His legs are relatively thin, more thick than normal legs, then his ass and torso extends profusely and a lot of fat layers in the face and arms. I think the chafe would be in the torso folds, or the arms.

    It’s really worrisome, you could really hurt your legs jumping on the trampoline. I think Andy’s legs, if not already, will be hurting big time if he keeps the weight…

  5. Clever artwork.
    I love how Grizelda is more mature and realistic than Rachel, despite the age difference. I’ve been waiting for this coupling for a long time and it was great. Love the Grizelda, and the Rachel, but I love them more when they’re together.

  6. How the fuck is Rachel being Andy’s enabler? Grizelda sat there and insulted him the entire time. What, exactly, does that achieve? Rachel’s going to help him get into school. What’s Grizelda doing, other than being a bitch to him?

    Team Rachel.

    1. You’re retarded.

      Grizelda has tried to help Andy before. He’s just too goddamned lazy to get up and do anything. I love him, and I would love to see him succeed, and I hope he gets into a school, but if the past is any indication…

  7. I’m not saying Andy doesn’t have to do this for himself because he does. But what purpose does being that hostile to him serve, other than to amuse people?

  8. Why are you making teams? Grizelda has put alot of energy and time into Andy, I remember that there was a couple of other people that had arranged themselves to help Andy with Grizelda. Andy didn’t keep up his part, so Grizelda is understandably not interested in helping Andy again, and I hope it’s not for not caring about him; that it’s that Andy doesn’t seem sufficiently changed or rock bottom. Also, I’m sure Grizelda put made a few sacrifices in the faith of Andy getting something from it… which only hurts when Andy didn’t put up.

    Second, although Rachel has her own quips and laughs at Andy’s expense, she repeatedly reminds and states that that she will help in editing and in the critique of Andy’s letter. This puts Rachel in a position dependent on Andy, so if Andy doesn’t do anything then she won’t end up helping him; Rachel isn’t helping Andy, but has offered her help. It’s not active help like Grizelda gave… mostly Rachel feeds Andy with very positive words and encouragment… which is probably a reflection of where Rachel is at in her life/hardships, giving Andy the same medicine that she gives herself. A medicine that Rachel has come to question herself about…

    soooo…. let’s not fight amongst ourselves and spook Madge’s guests; mind you don’t feed them either.

    1. Daniel, excuse me. But Grizelda has done NOTHING for me. Maybe she has done something without telling me. Maybe she has done something that I’m not realizing. But PLEASE tell me what she has done for me. I’m not asking her to do anything for me. I’m not asking ANYONE to do anything for me. But I’d sure as hell like to know what you think she has done for me.

      1. Ah, Madge’s shows do not lend themselves to retrospect, so I can’t do any research and collect my salmon to slap with.

        But, wasn’t there an arrangement between you and some runner guy that was made, and there was daily/weekly/regular exchange between you and this helper where you tracked the exercise you did and what you ate. Was there not an effort and hand-extended to you at this same time to get a hold on your weight with Grizelda and this guy. As a bystander I can’t say for sure what she did, in fact… Madge could be hiring actors and making all her shows up. It’s possible nothing is real.

        It was a while back, where Grizelda would mention that you and her would talk a lot and discuss things, and that she’d talked and networked for some solutions for you. That you’d worked out semi-formal promises to keep to so something of some sort.

        Lastly, it’s probably true that Grizelda did nothing for you, because it’s also true you did nothing of value for yourself~ this voids everything people try to do for you. That’s the whole issue, Andy. It’s not true that she didn’t try helping you. As for the logistics or list of what she did for you, does it matter? You missed the oppurtunity with or without realizing it.

        Importantly, you have another one and many more. HELP YOURSELF and help others help you. /end\

  9. Andaids “poor miserable me” schtick is getting old. Rachel, you’re a saint for wanting to help him but Grizelda is right…he won’t do anything to change his situation. You can’t help someone who is unwilling to help themselves. Mostly.

    1. Well… he isn’t taking his thyroid, dare I even say it, so he doesn’t have enough energy to get the things done that he needs to, any more than you can cross a desert on a bicycle. He might, but what a feat it would be. We should get him his thyroid. He’d lose weight too, obviously.

  10. just wanted to mention you CAN add your mom to your facebook and then just set the privacy so she cant see most of your crap. that way you dont have to ignore her or whatever with the hurt feelings and all.

  11. Need more grums, ‘naids. I want to know how Cheryl is doing and if Andy gets a wake up call from all these comments. I love when the audience gets all analytical.

  12. ANDY – you should be inspired by PREPs recent breakthrough and reach out for some help yourself. or at the very least, be inspired by his use of AIDS medication without having AIDS – you should consider taking some of cheryls chemo meds to help with your appetite.

  13. Ms. Liswood – Good point

    AndAids – This is one of my favourite quotes

    “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

    Anytime when your ready!

  14. I’m a fatty fuckin’ fat ass turd too, you can yell at me if you want, Madge and Griz and Rachel. Give Poor Andaids a break, kay?

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