YR910 Half Ton Grum

Cheryl is my guest. She’s a total mess as she hiccups her way through chemo. A truly tragic show. Antivir appears in order to belch. 

Cheryl Cancer Treatment gal

25 thoughts on “YR910 Half Ton Grum”

  1. Haven’t listened to the show yet but are you sure that isn’t Cheryl in the album art, using toilet roll to muffle her hiccups a al Andaids and his half tonne poop

      1. Yes, send to her and send me an email with how much if you don’t trust the hold bitch kyke dike. Also, u can always email me amazon.cum gift certs to mah email if that makes you happier. I ain’t got no wish lyst b/c aint nothing cheap I wants on thar. Just lyups and those be spensive. Oy i feel shitty. pukey. l;sadjfl;dskjfl;sadkjsfd

  2. Ditto on the Amazon wish list. C’moooon Cheryl. What’s the point of getting tancer if you don’t get free stuff out of it?

  3. i just want to crawl into bed with Cheryl,
    push her lapse in and hold her hand.

    Cheryl, you’ll be back to normal and
    smoke-aye again before you know it, hon-aye.

    Remember, NO SMOKING!

  4. Please feel perfectly normal again Cheryl, you’re great. I’m addicted to your dulcid tones & I certainly would’nt want anything to happen to you mokay. Stick with nurse Mary for the RV’s, she sounds gooouuuuaaaad.
    The image of Rilch in her hospital bed with tibetan bowl sounds & Dr Lypswood hovering over her shouting relentless perfectly normalz advice: another seminal moment Madge.

  5. Those drugs are dangerous, they try to kill and break down all your cells… that’s why chemo is so bad, because our medicine doesn’t differentiate between cancer cells and your good cells. Your hair falls out because the medicine kills the hair follicles along with killing the cancer and all that other stuff. Ain’t no-one gunna be all up in them chemo meds if they ain’t got the tancer.

    Anywayz, don’t know what to tell ya, we’re several degrees apart socially and can’t say much about you- but you make me happy with your grums and you deserve to be happy too. Hope you get well and are happy for a good portion of your life, grow a baby in a tube and abort it or something, whatever hits your clit.

    Prol to prol for another day.

  6. I’m really sorry for what you’re going through, Cheryl. My dad went to Chemo a few years ago and he was also a mess sometimes.

    Granted, he wasn’t a leathery, 3/4 of a lung owning, tancer ridden, child mo… oh, sorry, you were acquitted on those charges, beautiful smoker… but still.
    It was quite the mess.

    Hang in there, Honaids!

    P.S. I would send you $ if the Polish zloty wasn’t crashing through the floor…

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