YR909 Abdominal Orgasms and Andy’s Thank You For Holding

 Cheryl’s ugly

Andy’s thank you for holding.
Penis fungus
JayT‘s Penus 
Andy’s pants for the 800th time
New guest- Chub Chaser Chris
Chaffing on the F’Andy
A-VER + F’Andy’s RV Talk
Carlos’ abdominal orgasms
Song by Amy Abdou 

How to have an abdominal orgasm and m(whore)

28 thoughts on “YR909 Abdominal Orgasms and Andy’s Thank You For Holding”

  1. It’s good to hear Cheryl sounding well. BTW, it’s so funny to hear all those queens getting all judgemental with Prep. To Prep: please go to the nearest animal shelter and volunteer.

  2. Madge you and your cast of charactors are highlarious! And even on my gasiest, most bloated irritable days, when I hear Cheryl giggle it makes me toot with joy.

  3. I was surprised by the enthusiasm Andy showed in chasing a pipe dream and the gusto with which Madge and Cheryl were cock blocking said pipe dream.

    I don’t why, but I felt an alarming annoyance with the personality that Andy reared up. I think the general public opinion of the obese is that they’re at fault, lazy and gluttonous, and worthy of contempt; on the same coin, that they should be ashamed and carry their burden or fix themselves. After I faced that I felt this way and where it came from, I was really pleasantly surprised that Andy could be so rambunctious and assertive. It really made Andy concrete for me, more as a person that’s fat, than a fattie that talks about itself.

  4. There was so much calling out on this program, so much obese virgin ass waving eagerly in the air, so much bitch slapping, so much train wrecking…love it.

    I have great respect for Cheryl’s truth-seeking background comments/questions that point the absurdities of the already extremely absurd.

    Thanks for another great one, Madge!

  5. It just occurred to me that all the talk of penis fungii and no one mentioned yeast. Jock Itch IS yeast. So if a whore were to suck penis with jock itch, she could get thrush, which is yeast of the mouth. Yeast is very contagious.

    1. I actually know a really good cure for Jock itch (which I got when I was running races, not from anything exciting), because it can be a real bitch to treat: tea tree oil.

      The only downside is you feel like your groin is on fire for about 30 mins, and this only starts about 15 mins after you apply the stuff. This really fucking hurts. Women should probably avoid this remedy. 😀

      It starts working straight away, then the bad bits peel off like sunburn, which is a bit gross, but not as gross as having the fungus itself, obviously.

      It’ll be all done in a few days, which beats spending weeks diligently applying creams or powders.

      I’m sure you really wanted to know that, Sharon, but Madge, if you’re reading, maybe you can tell Chris about this.

  6. Chafing when used as a nautical term describes the process of wear on a line or sail caused by constant rubbing against a hard, usually metallic, surface. Various methods are used to prevent chafing. Chafing of lines that rest on a chock on a boat can be prevented by putting a protecting material (sometimes as simple as a piece of old garden hose) around the line. Chafing of a sail rubbing against a cable can be prevented on large ships by tying baggywrinkle around the cable.

    Yes, LARGE SHIPS, ANDAIDS. Use the baggywrinkle.

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