14 thoughts on “YR907 Eat Yeast Crunchy”

  1. i havent listened to this show yet, but i just thought i would announce that i have a new love for Rachel after listening to Andaids’s last progrum.

  2. omg rachey –
    1. Crunchies are the fucking bomb.
    2. I’ve been watching “it’s always sunny in philedelphia” – am laughing my arse off.

    Hope you find balance soon xxxx

  3. Before this thought gets lost in a Vicky Pollard LA-style yeahbutnobutyeahbutnobut, I just wanted to say that I loved the Zeeche channelling Madge. Is he still around?

  4. I am wondering what happen to andy when he suddenly had to run away. did his father come home and beat him with a strap? did an ice cream truck drive by? did the fiber one want out?

  5. Hahaa The sceptic tank noise did sound like a nine inch nails track or something.
    Someone needs to add some bass & vocals to that!
    Madge get yourself some blinkers for yoga & call yourself a horse,then you won’t have to look at that nasty woman & get broke.
    She sounds hot.
    Good to hear Zeeche again & another excellent track from Rachel.

  6. wow, i am impressed with rachels song at the end. reminds me of what ursula rucker and mark murphy did with 4hero. very nice.

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