21 thoughts on “YR906 STD Blow Out Special with LYPS”

  1. Great grum. Thousands of dollars for these medications, but where is the money coming from? You’re telling me prep is working a 9 to 5 while having bareback parties at all hours of the night and day? It doesn’t add up.

  2. I don’t want to defend PREPAIDS, but SCA/SLA/SA meetings are useless. I went to a couple of meetings years ago at a friend’s suggestion. I can honestly say that the only good thing to come out of my attendance is the phrase ‘sexual anorexic.’ I love to see the look of confusion on friends’ faces when I explain that term.

    Since PREP is trying to kill himself, I think this qualifies as a series of suicide attempts/suicidal ideations. He should be able to get himself locked up and into short term treatment for that. Then he can get into some long term outpatient treatment.

  3. Oh Baby Jesus, save me. I’m going to hell in a handbasket after listening to this ‘grum. Especially when I fell out of my seat laughing when Cheryl asked the heartwarming, thoughtful question, “When are you going to DIE?!?!”

    Keep Prep on! Even though I question everything Prep shits out of his mouth, it is still thought-provoking. I can only imagine there are other individuals like him in the world. We should all take this information to think about the best ways to help protect ourselves. We should always, always wear a condom.

  4. I don’t understand the question that Prep asked at the sauna. Did he and his crew ask who wanted to bareback with them? Did they ask if they would bareback in the perfect world? There’s a big difference between wanting or wishing to have bareback sexual relations than to going out and having them with random peoples.

    Is Prep scared at all?
    He seems very nonchalant and distanced from his issues… he laughed off Cheryl wanting him to die and ‘chao-d’ Madge off after the exchange… come on, it has to hit home at some point. There’s got to be fear in there…

    I’m curious if Vera goes bare when she has the sweaty and rumbling sex on her waterbed with the grinch…

    (I’m a virgin and when I think about barebacking, I think that it’s something very personal and special for a relationship between committed partners. I don’t think it’s scary or dangerous, but I’m paranoid about AIDS and people lying about their status’ and giving it to people on purpose… so, I’d definitely use a condom… I’m really not repulsed by BB though. In a world without AIDS I think people would BB more; Prep’s problem wouldn’t be so grave if there wasn’t AIDS, certainly subject to so much scrutiny.)

  5. Another great show Madge! That Prep is a mess. The next medication he takes should be something that kills his sex drive before he kills himself. I would like to see Andy and Prep as roommates on a reality show!

    1. When and why did it start being called “junk”? … the definition of which is “old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value.”

  6. Preps distorted voice turns me on the point where I’d consider letting him fist my ass with an open wound (giving I had previously ingested the proper preventative medication of course.)

  7. perhaps Prep doesn’t need the medications at all — maybe he’s genetically similar to the sex workers in Nairobi who appear to be resistant to the HIV.

    and Cheryl, you claim to be a better person than Prep, does this mean that the thing you did with the thing is not as horrible as we are lead to believe?

    also, i’m sorry to hear about your ovary, Cheryl, but happy that you will be ok and will still be able to have abortions. if i had eggs of my own, i’d donate some to you so you could fertilize, implant, then abort them.

    finally, what was that song at the end? i liked it.

    1. thank u ‘nAIDS-u-la.

      And u are correk, the thing i did with The thing is not as bad as you think. At least in my eyes. The only person it hurt is my clint-or-us.

      And i would love to abort your fertile-ized eggs.

  8. Oh my. Was just delving through my Yeast backcatalogue. I found that Cheryl Merkowski referred to ‘Gonnosyphiherpeles’ in a monologue YR287 at about 25:40. My backup says that 287 was on 13 December 2005 or thereabouts.

  9. The shock value of Prep’s story has faded. He needs not be asked what he is doing but why he is doing it. “Horny” is not why. Something else is going on here.

    Thank you for reading my comment on your show. Yeastradio is humorous but when you address topics such as this you really need to

    A) not have Cheryl on the show


    B) tell her to shut the hell up.

    No offense, hon-ay.

    Madge, you are part psychiatrist and part comedian. This is the genius of yeastradio.

    Cheryl is part toenail fungus and part nacho-cheese. This is Cheryl’s genius.

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