YR903 I don’t know what to call this Eat Yeast

Rachel and AndAIDZ bore me to death while I binge on ranch. 

Rachel Kann Hat Aretha Franklin


6 thoughts on “YR903 I don’t know what to call this Eat Yeast”

  1. Loved the show!!! Loved that Andy could talk. Rachel and Madge you both were hilarious..I couldn’t hear any slurring tho. Rachel might have imagined that.

  2. A paid radio gig for Madge & Rachel- too fucking right!
    This is consistently better than radio anyway -lucky to have you. Someone get this woman work though so she can continue to be talenturd at her leisure & that. Big wheel keep on lapsing Madge. Fuck ’em.
    ps:more songs from the shoemaker’s daughter

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