YR901 PrEP Queen- Bug Chaser or Purist?

A very special yeast including a secret guest who candidly discusses why he has been taking a full HIV cocktail for months, even though he’s HIV Negative!

“Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow lies the seed that with the meth queen in the spring becomes the AIDS.”

25 thoughts on “YR901 PrEP Queen- Bug Chaser or Purist?”

  1. Oh jesus christ…. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH. Utterly repulsive/horrific/fascinating episode that made me cringe the entire time. The vocal distortions made you sound like creepy little Gremlins with bizarre Jewish accents, it was almost surreal. You playing “The Rose” after discussing Prep’s love for prolapsed assholes is one of the best Yeast Radio moments ever.

  2. I really, truly, thoroughly enjoyed this ‘grum because I got to look at pornographic material during the show and talk about devious sexual acts. I want to talk with Prep some more. I am preparing a list of questions for Prep!

  3. I was s excited when you introduced your guest, and when I heard the alien voice… I was kicking my legs in bed from excitement. What a catch, a Charlie Rose moment… and prep… oh boy… messy.

    ‘i don’t want to take the risk of hiv… so I take pills,’ but he’s doing all this other stuff.

    Andy sounds his fattest in this show while this other guy is so pro-skinny.

  4. Thanks Prep for keeping horrible stereotypes alive (well for a little while longer). Please get help!

    Which is worse for a body? HIV or 300 extra pounds?

  5. So excited that you had Prep on the grum! I don’t think Prep is necessarily
    a “bug chaser” more of a sex addict
    involved in risky behavior. It’s good to
    know Prep doesn’t want to get HIV, sometimes doesn’t enjoy sex and
    knows that his sex addiction is ruining
    his life. You must have Prep on again,
    because I really want to know why SA
    & therapy didn’t work. I know a guy
    that love fisting & doesn’t see it as an
    S&M act, rather a filling of fullness and
    experiencing several orgasms in his rectum.

    Loved when you just played the first few bars of The Rose and I always love hearing lines from Dr Listwood.

    Andy was being respectful about the topic. but I wonder what Cheryl would
    of said.

  6. Fascinating show.

    I wonder if Prep is actually addicted to DANGER. I know I am. I like to walk around bad neighborhoods at 3am. The fear of being attacked is kind of a rush. I am always ready to run because I don’t actually want to be hurt.

    I could be wrong. Being addicted to sex isn’t really a problem if you ask me. We all have addictions. Even being addiction to television can cause issues.

    Prep, continue to fuck your brains out. PLEASE use condoms. I am glad that you don’t condone your behavior but in many ways I was sad as I listened to this interview.

    We have all made mistakes. I’ve had sex a lot without condoms. I didn’t need to get an STD (I never have) to learn my lesson.

    You sound like a sweetheart, Prep. Take care of yourself.

  7. Wow.

    Thank you for pursuing and interviewing Prep for the ‘grum, Madge. (Condoms never seemed sexier, but that’s a rude thing to say actually.) His logic is fascinating and horrifying to me. In a strange way, this guy inspires me to live my life.

    Please, please, please interview him after he realizes he is already positive. (Didn’t he kind of admit it?) I wonder if anything in Prep’s life or his patterns will change? I think there are something interesting non-sexual things driving his addictions worth exploring if he’s willing.

    Great show, Madge.

  8. I this it was good you did this show. I found it almost unreal but I think people need to know there are things outside their scope out there and that these things may impact them. Nice work, again, Madge.

  9. This ‘grum was quite disturbing. It’s hard to fathom that there are still bathhouse betties like prep still around. That’s one messy Bessy who needs SERIOUS help.

    As Aleksix say, “Niggas like your pussy, but they don’t like you.”

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