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  1. Seriously, if people find things so hard they can’t win no matter how hard they try for how long, they need medication, or adjusted medication… ultimately you can’t successfully back paddle on deleterious racing thoughts, they’ll always outspeed you… and then what? … the same thing day after day? … it’s pointless suffering.

    The brain and the mind are different manifestations of the same thing, but the brain – the organ – definitely has to come before the mind in the here and now because you definitely can’t have a mind without one… it has organic needs before all else.

    The new age approaches are inferior to psychiatry, as dangerous as psychiatry can be because they are so indirect and biased.

    Repechel how do we know people in hospitals who think they’re the messiahs aren’t in fact messiahs? … because when they take their brains out they find damage (impairment, loss), not just change/difference in its structure.

    “Animals” do not have these problems and their decline in nature is more linear and homeostatic… they appear to stay sane until we intrude on them.

  2. oh xave.

    please sweetie.

    everyone doesn’t have to find the same solutions that you do. everyone has the right to explore their own path. someone choosing a path different than yours is not someone saying a big eff you to you, it’s just someone trying a different path. besides, multiple processes are not mutually exclusive.

    i’m glad meds are working for you. i don’t begrudge you your meds one bit.

    1. I am not taking any, I’m just saying if anyone – not you – had something that caused a problem in one of their organs you’d sensibly treat the organ before it’s symptoms.

      You’d treat the symptoms only if you thought it was a hopeless case.

      “New age” like phrenology is an inadvertant ruse that risks reducing quality of life for the reassurance of those that find it easier to find comfort in colluding over practices which don’t stand the test of time.

      People have the right to explore their own paths, just so long as they’re informed of the relative risks and benefits.

      1. i am not recommending phrenology, “new age”or anything.

        i am not saying to treat symptoms before causes.

        you pretty much have the opposite gist of what i am about, especially when it comes to cause before symptoms.

        i am in favor healing over curing every time.

        1. Honaye you’re not sayin’ you’re talkin’ and tis’ a great freakshow with headphones turned down a few notches.

          Pot is synonymous with dope for good reason.

          Yeast out.

  3. I’m an atheist. But listening to Rachel on this show, I have a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach that I may have seen a glimpse of the God*dess. Or it may have just been Fiber One. In any case, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable show to listen to.

  4. Madge, Rachel, *great* grum. I can totally relate to the racing mind syndrome. I would love to have Rachel help me help myself and find my own path.

  5. Madge,
    This lovely ‘grum addressed nearly every issue I have had with spirituality – it’s nice to know other people share the same difficulties and questions. Best of luck trying to find whatever works for you.

  6. I loved this show, lots of thinking..which is something I don’t do often enough..maybe that is why I am only half crazy.

    I am a retarded Rachel fan.

  7. EXCUSE ME, Ma’am! You recorded during the day and you didn’t let me know that you were recording during the day WHEN I COULD HAVE ACTUALLY TALKED?! I will take that as you don’t actually want me to talk.

  8. This is definitely an episode to listen to more than once! It really resonates with me. Kundalini, Tolle, kabbalah, battling negativity and depression, listening to podcasts and creating audio myself, not to forget taking a couple of aerobics classes a week! – that’s what my life is actually about now.

  9. This was a really interesting and fun program. I have to admit I enjoy pretty much every interaction between Madge and Rachel, but this one just really “clicked”. Lots of great discussion.

    And I think the Rachel-Vera dynamic was great, that’s something to explore another time.

  10. I always prefer when you guys open up and tell stories and rant rather than just yelling at Andy/Cheryl and talking about how much your show sucks for hours. A+++ show.

  11. I must publicly offer my apologies to Ms. Rachel.

    You are a person with far more depth than I originally credited you.

    Anyone who can speak with such authority on such a variety of topics deserves a second listen.

    I listened to the entire show for a second time and realized that you are a person with a questing mind. Can’t fault you for that. Anyone who is open to a variety of ideas and gives some solace to others is okay by me.

    Still not a fan of your presentation of your poetry…might I suggest that you minimize the reliance on sound and just go for the quality of your message? Listening to what you have to say and the clever wordplay is far more meaningful than the sounds that clutter your words.

    More is less.

    Sorry if I offended earlier.

  12. I loooooove, just looove the Rachel. Those solo shows on eatbird where my reason to live, I kept them all on a DVD so I can listen forever. Please, leave Robert and give me a chance, honaids!!!


    PD: The fat smelly alcoholic AND Vera were funny too

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