YR896 Just a Steel Town Girl Weighing 452

Eat Yeast with Rachel Kann, Andrea Meltdown, and Cheryl Merksowski. 
Special fun as Cheryl calls for taxis and missin panny.


33 thoughts on “YR896 Just a Steel Town Girl Weighing 452”

  1. Really starting to love the Rachel, Madge is herself as usual. I really love it when Andy recommends that you call me and you totally ignore him. What a fucking cunt. =o)

  2. Love the long shows with you and Rape-
    chel. I listen to them in bed before I go
    to sleep. I had to run to the deli and
    get some Ben & Jerry’s Cake Batter ice
    cream last night. Also love Andaids and
    Rilch! Can’t Richard Simmons help Andy
    Melton? Rachel is very CODY!

  3. Madge, you are retarded. Why did you have to call places that were in Chicago? That makes no sense. U could call anywhere in the cuntree. MOON.

    Nex time u need to record ur audio but have it muked so the person on teh other end don’t be hearing.

    Also, you are a whore.

    Thnx for not adding musix to this grum. A+++ Showgrum.

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  5. Andy – if it is the lack of money for the return bus ticket that is keeping you from going to be with Yellow Fatty, I would be happy to buy you a ticket if you promise to document your adventures on podcasts.

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