YR889 Hope for Green Fatty

Another calamity featuring Cheryl, Mark, and AndAIDS. Horrible and over two hours… AGAIN!

green fatty tranny eating fish while naked

39 thoughts on “YR889 Hope for Green Fatty”

  1. Wonderful show! horrible album art!
    Go get that interview andy. Madge can have a telethon to get you the gas money to go there. i will throw in a few gallons.

          1. Oh god I’m going to kill myself. But to be honest it doesn’t top the video you sent me one time showing goatse fucking himself in the ass and then giant closeups of his gaping hole/rosebud (which resembled a shotgun wound). That’s stored up in my visions of hell.

          2. Perhaps the video is a fake? … it could just be stage glass, and tomato sauce… surely he would scream or react in some way.

          3. It was a lot of red liquid Cheryl…. as soon as the glass popped and broke I stopped the videyoe. I didn’t finish watching it and it was the worst thing I have ever seen anywhere. The Jews survived the Holocaust (well, some of them), and then people go and do something like this with their lives, and you publicize them. You have no shame honaye, no shame.

  2. VERY tiny steps Andy…very tiny. Your day will come BUT you have to make it happen….which is what Madge is telling you. A job at $7 at Kmart for example is not about the job or the money…its about getting out, meeting people, and starting to change your thinking.


    Madge –

    All your shows are great…truly..some more than others. But you have helped me through some VERY VERY tough times….and I thank you. Can I eat out the cheyrles?

    1. It appears to be a photo from a severe psychiatric case study.

      Why she need to be ejaculating into a condom within a water bottle when she could be making licorice flavored yogurt?

        1. I realized it the moment after I typed it and went and looked your websike … I got carried away by my excitement over the prospec while listening to this bit oh yeast.

          So nice to hear you on the air again Cheryl. I hope we can look forward to some more programs in the near future.

          Great to hear you too Andy! I’m glad you and Cheryl are BFFs now.

  3. Will you please do a new show? Please?! (Christ, I’m one to talk aren’t I) I really want to hear Bicycle Mark and You talking about politics or something.

    Actually, I’m sick of seeing that THING in the album ark. The more I see her, the more disturbing she is. Is that fish around her neck? Jesus Christ almighty!

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  5. Christ! That looks like Jack-aye Gleason on your album ark, ‘naids.

    Andy, you need to do whatever you can to get the fuck out of your families grip of death.

    Perhaps you can turn tricks at the laundromat to make some money? Maybe that hot mans who you speak of that frequents there could be your pimp or shugga daddy….

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