YR887 You Want a Piece of Meat.

featuring Berbacia Clemons and some fine singin’, readin’, and carryin’ on.

20 thoughts on “YR887 You Want a Piece of Meat.”

  1. First of all, Berbacia, I love you so stop kidding yourself that I hate you out. That is a very nice pic on teh album ark.

    Secunt, don’t even try to steal my greek man Madge.

    Turd, ur feeble attempts to conceal your activities fail. U done been read.

    Good grum ‘naids. Cum over here and tell us ur name girl! pop it!

    1. OH NO! http://yeastradio.com/?p=506
      YR268 Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Whores Soundseeing with Berbacia Clemons doesn’t have a working show link.
      I’d pay for some of the really old YR episodes. You should do the DV thing where people on the pay site have access to every episode of Distorted View.

  2. i heard max and stacey talk about you and here i am. condi did buy a property with a wowman. i’ll keep listening up here in the milwaukee area.

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