YR872 We’ll Have A Celebration the Prolapsed Way ( NaPodPoMo 5 )

I was just a few hundred feet from Barack when he accepted his presidency. Here are my reflections.

Thanks to Dr. Dan Burger for getting me a golden ticket to this event.

HERE are some pictures I took at the event. Video will be posturd soon at insane films.

6 thoughts on “YR872 We’ll Have A Celebration the Prolapsed Way ( NaPodPoMo 5 )”

  1. Oh, Madge–I’m so glad you got to go the Grant Park celebration last night. I thought you would be there, looked for you on the TV even. Wonderful progrum! As you said, Obama is the new face of America. Such a relief!

  2. I remember finding your video in 2004 on the Vidblogs.com site.
    What an odd segment of our lives. The last 8 years, the first 8 years of my adult life, seemed like this dark and unending cell. It’s only because of my obsessive attention to politics, but there was this palpable looming pressure. I perceived it, it was real.

    It felt like on top of all of life’s other damn problems, there was this force at the highest and deepest levels of the culture actively working to destroy you. I felt like I was in the crosshairs of that sniper rifle.

    The threats from the ruling class and the hateful ignorance it cultivates are always there, no doubt. But today it feels like, finally, we’ve hit back. We’ve hit back hard.

    So now that unneeded, additional pressure has been lifted. And even with this little time having passed, less than a day, it feels to me like we’ve walked out of that cell. And we can see now that it had an end. That the previous 8 years were a finite chapter, not the end itself.

    You know what to do, you know how to proceed but you still feel like you need to get your bearings. You need to look at the ground to make sure it’s still there.

    It’s not going to be an utopia, obviously. But we can at least breathe.

  3. Haha-“Now I don’t have to say I’m canadian when I go to Europe”
    Fuck that, thanks to the internet(Yeast radio for example)I always knew your country was’nt exclusively populated by cowboys.
    I’m glad you got to experience such a victory in your backyard Madge. Seems fitting for the lesbian visionary you’ve always been.
    Just a thought: You can get better window insulation honaye- yes you can!
    Sounds like you were speaking from dracula’s castle & that. The wind of change maybe.
    Well done- pleased as punch too at this end.

  4. I’m really happy for you, the U.S., the World!

    America has a new face. Even if Obama is Corporate Money or whatever criticism there might be, at least now things have really changed in a profound manner. Like a drunk saying No to a drink, America has redeemed itself a bit.

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