YR871 Lyve Punditry on Yeast Radio (NaPodPoMo 4)

A special guest PUNDIT on today’s election day historic special! LYPS!

5 thoughts on “YR871 Lyve Punditry on Yeast Radio (NaPodPoMo 4)”

  1. I have the RCNs too Madge and the “all digital” business is a scam. Most modern HDTV’s are fully capable of decoding digital cable signals. My tv’s were able to do this until RCN went “all digital” which in fact only means they are now DRM encoding the signal and make you use an extra box to decode them. It is true that those without modern tv’s would need this box no matter what to get any signal from “all digital” cable but what about the majority of people who do not..Just wait until they start charging more and more for these boxes everyone “needs”.

  2. Madge, I had no idea you lost so much weight! I checked out flickr and saw pictures of the guy you dress up as sometimes (“Richard” or something) and he/you are skinny!

    Perhaps you have a “skinny costume” where you can make a fat lady such as yourself appear skinny when in costume.

    Either way, NEATO!

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