YR867 90 Minutes of The Ugliest Woman in Podcasting

Warning: Cuntains Cheryl. THere are no topics, only boils. Also guest vists from Meturd and Carlos from Yucatan.

29 thoughts on “YR867 90 Minutes of The Ugliest Woman in Podcasting”

    1. Vera. What a dirty whore you are! In this pogrom, I asked Andy what his favorite show is and he said yours. I hope you feel REALLLLLL BAAAAAAAAAAAAHD!


    2. Vera: Good choice girl, good choice! This show was so damn slow, was waiting for jfox to skype in and travel with us through time! Anyhow, I stayed to the end and hoped for the fat girl to burst or at least eat the mic, but didnt happen either. What’s wrong with you people? This was really sick! 🙁

    3. Hey Vera, why are you so against the Cheryl?

      Your extreme fear is getting to the point were I would ordinarily start to question if you are the real Cheryl! …Like those straight guys who were all anti-gays in high school trying to cover their ass until they finally get it in the butt and suddenly they want to be your best friend. lol 😉

      Admitting that you listen to “Cheryl Merkowski” doesn’t mean you have to endorse the content!! lol

      Vera, all we ask is that you try to “take a little time to enjoy the ..Rylch!” xo

    1. Hahaha are you and Peter Parker new here? This show was very much like the meandering Cheryl skype-in shows of old with ten minutes of technical problems (“can you hear me then?”) and what feels like three hours of wallowing in pussy, scat, fat and enema jokes.

      I have no idea why I enjoyed this episode as much as I did. It was like a porno holocaust remake of those early Andy Warhol films where he films people picking lint out of their belly buttons for seven hours. My brain is now oozing out of my ear. God bless Cheryl and Granny Tranny!

        1. Send him some seeds you stupid bitch!! lol

          Everyone in America should send Andy seeds so he can grow some food.

          Andy, should someone give you their seed, try not to ingest it until you allow it to grow bigger, you’ll enjoy the rewards far more that way! lol ;p

  1. Madge, the Rachel On Drugs show was one thousand times worse than this one! You couldn’t have possibly gotten any worse after that…you’re on the upswing now.

    That Cheryl…so cute and cuddly sounding.

    1. Then fly to Tennessee and pop his cherry! I can’t think of anything more beautiful than losing your virginity to Edith Bunker.

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