YR866 Sacred Number for Rachel Kann Plus Madonna Eat Out Party

Terrible. Just Terrible.
Listen to this or miss your life.
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25 thoughts on “YR866 Sacred Number for Rachel Kann Plus Madonna Eat Out Party”

  1. To follow up on Vera’s tech comment – does anyone know if the improvements made in the MacBook’s display will make the colors deeper and improve the contrast? Knowing this first will save me from trekking down to the Apple Store to once again realize that I don’t want to buy a MacBook.

    I’m enjoying the shows with Rachel.

    1. thank you very much richard barry. i dunno about the color, but i know a lot of people are extremely unhappy with the glass screen display.

      hope that helps.


  2. oh my god. Rachele. That poem was the (for lack of a better term) fucking hot.

    I haven’t even listened to the rest of the show due to the fact that I cant stop listening to this poem.

    simply amazing.


    1. thank you josh! i am seriously flatterus. the thought of you touching yourself while listening to my poem over and over brings my heart immeasurable joy.

    1. i don’t even know what the fuck you are talking about. are you telling me, rachel, that i, rachel, AM a trite art wank, and that i am derivative of ragan fox? and you hope that this fucking podcast is paying my bills?

      or are you telling madge that i am a trite art wank and that i am derivative of ragan fox, and that you hope that madge is getting HER bills paid off having me on the show?

      aw third world man….

      for one, don’t insult the third world at large by aligning yourself with them…no one in the third world says “wank”

      number two, do your research before you accuse me of being derivative of ragan fox. you clearly have no clue what you are talking about.

      i hope you are feeling good about your witty comment.


      you are cracking my shit UP over here.

      thanks for the enjoyable afternoon! now i am feeling so great…thanks for thinking i am trite, thinking i am a man, and thinking i go mine ragan fox’s work for my poetic and comedic stylings.

      i am gonna go cut off my pinky toe now. and mail it to you.

      if i was a man, i would tell you to suck my dick.

      luckily, i am actual woman. too bad jealous motherfuckers have to HATE.

      oh well, hate me more, i don’t really care, it reminds me i am doing something right.

      guess what? i don’t have to be derivative of anything or anyone to be myself. i don’t put on any fucking fake ass front. i am myself.

      seriously, learn your history.

      i am gonna wish you well.

      wishing you well,

    2. oh, one more thing, if you are accusing my poetry…my poem…of being derivative of ragan fox’s poetry, than THANKS for the extra laughs.

      please, do some research before my rotting pinky gets to your mailbox.

      1. Just thought that you were capable of producing better poetry than Miss Fox.

        I would prefer a big toe or a nipple. Have never been much of a pinky man.

        Did I strike a chord?

      1. andy, matt, madge, love you girlz.

        it’s ok… for every third world man who thinks i write ragan fox poetry knock offs, there is a josh at home stroking his giant veiny cock to the mellifluous tones of my mannish voice.

        this is clearly a bored fox and the city fan who doesn’t do research.

        it’s really no disrespect to ragan whatsoever…but seriously, our poetry couldn’t be more different.

        maybe ragan and i are the only two poets he has ever heard… we do sound alike if you have never heard any other poets in your fucking LIFE.

  3. Hey Madge love the shows with Rachel. Will send more $, well, if I ever have see any again. ooh we just invaded Syria via robot gotta go

    1. Oh honey, you’ve never heard of Ragan Fox!? He was one of the original Eat This Hot Show cast. He’s over at raganfox.com, podcast Fox and the City is at foxinthecity.libsyn.com, it’s rill good, mostly.

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